If you owned a business...

If you had the means to open your own business, what would it be?

For me it would be an art studio/gallery.


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Not sure if this qualifies as business, but I'd like to set up an NGO related to helping children orphaned by AIDS.


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Special effects studio. And by that I mean digital effects, 3D animation, etc, not makeup and physical props. Like Pixar, Weta, or Skywalker Ranch type of studio.


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Something selling video games like a Gamestop. I love those places and I'd love helping other people with their purchases.


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I would open a Sports store, and I have a little area that has chairs and a snack bar so people can just sit there and talk about Sports with me the owner and just have a great time. That would be my dream business.

If not then I would sell Adult videos lol. Kidding, Kidding.