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Discuss If you knew you were going to die?


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I've been near death a few times already in my life and I've never really been scared, but those things were fairly sudden, knowing the date on the timer of life would make me feel rushed, no matter how large that number/how far away that date would be.

So it less of a fear thing and more of a dealing with my own mortality sort of deal. I'd be okay with dying at any point and time I guess.


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I think there is a afterlife for everyone including animals. I think when you die you become a spirit and some spirits stay because of unresolved issues in life or afraid of moving on. I'm not sure about the light but my cat ran down the hallway and I never saw her again. Maybe she went through the light.

I'm wondering if death is just another existence or what. After that I went to old cemeteries that were close to old homesteads trying to get a picture of a ghost but never did.

I saw something else once but I'm not sure what that was, really scared me.
I have the feeling that there are things we don't understand when it comes to where we go after we die. I do believe that we return to where our spirits come from. Whether you believe in a higher power or not. I also know that ghosts exist.
There are a lot of people scared of death. What if I was to say that you came from the source of all things and you chose to come to earth. Would dying be easier to deal with. Yes, some people don't believe in God. I don't think that matters. I know that deep down inside of me I believe I shall go back to that source when I die. I also know that there have been thousands of sightings about ghosts and hauntings. I'm not saying they aren't real. I've seen a few ghosts in my life. Not everything is explained to make since. This is just my opinion.
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If you knew you were going to die, would you be scared?

Most people are scared to die. I think if you knew where you were going afterwards you wouldn't be so scared. Being that we all know we are going to die soon any ways. Wouldn't being scared to die be wiped out of your thoughts?
Difficult question. A couple of years, I faced death, as I was convinced that I would die soon. Fortunately, I survived. But it had a lasting impact on me and my view on the world.

So if I knew for sure I would die soon, I'd probably still be scared, but I guess I could accept it. What's bothering me more than death is the fear that I leave nothing behind, or the fear that I have to go before I have children. My life does not feel complete yet.

On the bottom line, I guess I'd be more afraid of dying (will it be painful or disgracing?) than of death.

My faith provides me with a lot of solace on the topic, too.