If you heard there's going to be a riot...


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... where you live and soon you will not be able to go out of your house, what would you do?

Would you leave right away? Could you? Are you going to stay? Can you defend your house/home from rioteers?


I'll pack our bags and get out of there. If for some reason it's not feasible, then I'll just stock up on food and essentials; lock up and hope they don't get into my place because I wouldn't know what to do if they did.


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It depends what the riot is for. If it's just a mindless riot I'd have to somehow defend my house.

If it's a riot for something I stand behind I'd join, even though I think riots are usually protests gone bad (read: failures) due to multiple things, such as poor organization. But sometimes that shit just happens and you need to roll with it.


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I want to revise my last post.

All of the protesters are seeing my penis, flying in the wind like some peculiar diplay of force.
I would wish I had a gun. From every riot I've seen, everybody is always throwing rocks, breaking windows, stealing stuff and burning cars. I don't think a bat can compete with that... :(

My neighborhood is a good group of people, so, I'd like to discuss with them our plan and do something about it. 'Cuz with the 30 people on our street, that's a time where numbers come in handy. Pull together and defend each others houses.