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If you had super powers


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Would you really go heroic and feel you need to save the world? Or would you use it for personal purposes?

I think I'll opt for the latter. I gained super powers not messianic complex. :shifteyes:


I would go all out. Get a costume, roam around at night and try to stop crime. I grew up on video games, comic book movies and comic book heroes. I've fantasized about this very thing so many times. Basically all I want to do is be a superhero. I've already got so much of it planned out, like the type of things I would do, my hideouts etc.


rainbow 11!
I think it would depend on what I had. I would have to find some kind of disguise, but I think I would help people. I wouldn't troll the streets every night, but if I saw a chance to save a life, I'd take it.

I would do my best to conceal it, too. Though I think i would have to tell SOMEONE. you know? I don't know who. I'd figure it out.


Son of Liberty
I don't think using powers to help others indicates a messianic complex. I would use them to help others, especially to help the most defenseless in our society.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I would go the Hancock route and maybe somebody can turn me around and help me use my super powers for good and not for disrupting the city if someone angers me.


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I think I would use them for personal use, being a superhero is too much responsibility.


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I would probably use my powers for personal use as well, not to say that if I didn't see crime happening I wouldn't stop it. I just would spend my night actively looking for it. I'd much rather quietly enjoy the gift/gifts I have been given.


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It's probably best that I never ever gain superpowers because I would just end up running people off the roads like that kid from the Chronicle previews. I'd probably end up setting the city on fire if the line at Starbucks was too long... Point is, I don't think I'd use them for anything useful. My lack of patience mixed with my short fuse mixed with superpowers would probably result in the end of mankind. Not good.


I wouldn't use my powers for 100% pure evil, but I also wouldn't really try to doing anything good with them either... it'd be all about personal gain. Save the world? Fuck that... I hate 90% of the people I know, and I'm sure that percentage would stay around the same amount no matter how many new people I met. I wouldn't try & rule the world though (seems like WAY too much work). Depending on what my powers are, I'd probably pick fights with assholes in bars or join the UFC. Haha.


Registered Member
Probably a little of both. If I could prevent a fairly significant loss of life, or some kind of disaster (oil spill or something) I totally would, but its not like you could prevent everything even if you were actually superman. Too much work to try and too much potential guilt over having to choose who to save.

Having said that I would totally abuse it at least a little, even if i only did it enough to persuade governing-types that it would be cheaper to keep me sweet. Y'know swanky place, some kind of allowance and tax immunity. If they don't go for it, I'd knock off a bank or something.