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If you had a title


aka ginger warlock
If you had a title such as "Dr" or "Sir" etc would you use it in day to day society? If you were a doctor would you have your post sent to you in that name so for example someone might right to me:

Dr Ginock
Some make up address
Somewhere in the country

Now apart from a doctor being called "Ginock" sounding very daft indeed I just think it would cause so many people to laugh at you for using this. Would you use it?

Edit - sorry I did not explain this - I meant post to be sent to your own home.
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Short answer - No.
Long Answer - Nooooooooooooooo!

I wouldn't like it. I am just Mister (insert annoying description) -


Registered Member
No, I prefer the familiar to the formal.

To insist to be referred to by title seems arrogant to me. But that is just my preference.


still nobody's bitch
That's a good question. It takes a lot of work to earn a title such as Dr., whether it's an MD or a PhD or what have you. If I were to earn a PhD and teach at a university, I probably would have my students address me with my title, but I can't say for sure. If I were teaching at a community college, no, I would not use it. And I certainly wouldn't use it in day-to-day non work-related correspondence.

I know a woman who is a doctor (MD) and introduces herself to her kids' friends with her title - "I'm Dr. Smith" :rolleyes:


4 legs good 2 legs bad
No. I think titles are pretty unnecessary in most cases, except in the military probably.


Living in Ikoria
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If I did have something like Dr. I'd probably only use it professionally. With Sir, it's the same...just in formal situations.

My title will come after my name, and it will be enough haha. I'd enjoy something liek "Dr." or "Sir," but having ", MSW" and eventually ", MSW LCSW" behind my name is just fine with me! I'll use this in my professional life, but that's it.


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If I earned a title in my professional field then of course i'd use it, in a professional sense anyway. In everyday life and such no, as that seems kinda arrogant and unnecessary around friends/family.


Sally Twit
No because I'd want my work life and private life to be two separate things. I'd feel like I was showing off all the time and I wouldn't want to give that impression. Plus I'd feel odd being addressed by anything different than my first name or a nickname.


My title would be God, Lord and Saviour

But in all seriousness I think it would be cool to have a Dr or Professor type title. Although there are so many titles out there. Even though I'm not sure what it means I've always like the sound of 'notary'.

Something like Duchess or Archduchess would also be cool.

Or Empress or Baroness

Ah who am I kidding, I will never have a fancy title.