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If you had a goal to make a profit of $200 a month, how would you do it?


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The_Human_Pin said:
my brother is a professional stay at home ebay power seller and he sells military collectables and antique toys and the best advise he ever gave me when i began my ebay stint was tyo buy books books and more books.

Hey Pin....

I'd asked about this before but had no answer. Do you sell books and make a decent profit? I see books ALL the time that are in very good condition and at a good price, but I didn't know if it was worth trying to sell or not. I hate to get too many books around here, I have like no storage (well, I do in the musty basement anyway!!)


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Ya good question on the books. I have ALOT of old old dictionaries from around the world. As well as law books from The Supreme Court of Canada dating back to 1870. AS well as signed bills (ammendments)... I'm sure they are worth a bit of money... but is there a right time to sell those things?


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I tried the book thing a couple of years ago, and most were flops! I guess it has to be something rare or hard to find in order to drum up much business!


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go to a book store and buy books on collectable and or antiques in whatever area you are intested in

my brother has prob 50 dif books on military price guides,and information



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Pin's not talking about selling books, he's talking about being an expert on a subject so that you will know what to buy, sell, trade, etc..

Man, you gotta love ebay. Ten years ago, a guy who was an expert on military collectibles could never support a store with it unless he lived in a big city. Now, you can do this from the middle of the desert. sweet.


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Ah.. I get it now. Buy reference books :p lol.

That doesn't work if you're dealing in modern day "art" or such. For example, I used to be a teddy bear artist, and sure, I can get tons of reference books on antique teddies (hard to come buy nowadays at cheap prices) and lots of reference books on making, displaying, marketing, blah blah blah. Nothing on values of current artists. Even the artists of 30 years ago do not really make the value guides.


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That is a different approach to ebay selling I never thought of. Books. guess if they are rare and you get a hold a rare book collecter you in the money... but hey ebay has alot of different things to offer, gotta love it.. I ebay on my laptop at home on my wheelchair.... I am just a rolling moving ebayer....lol


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I've found first edition books in great condition at thrift stores and sold them on ebay. You just have to know what your looking for to make sure it's a first edition. If you can buy a book for 0.10 or even a few $$ then sell it for $150-$200 you've made quite a profit.