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If you had a goal to make a profit of $200 a month, how would you do it?


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What would you sell to earn a profit of $200 a month on ebay? I guess I've picked that number because it's not too high to be unreasonable, but not low enough that I could sell something like Darth Taters and make it.

I have a couple of collectible Star Wars Kotobuikya statues that should get me started, and get my profit for the first month, but I'm stuck after that.

So far, I've only sold things from around the house like CDs that really net me only about a buck or two per CD. I'd like to figure out something, like maybe a laptop or other computer equipment or digital cameras, that I could make this minor profit with less volume.

I have tried going to places like fatwallet.com, but I can't figure out what would be a good item to sell.

So, if this was your goal - to make a $200 per month profit selling normal items on ebay, what would you do?


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I want to find a good wholeseller or bulk seller of fine jewelry or ligerie (both have sold good for me in the past)...I have also sold gift wrap and gift bag sets...they did amazingly awesome... I could not believe it...but were just a few at a time...I want to have thousands of items on my ebay store....I totally want to be a power seller and work again...would be from home...but I want to feel I am contributing while staying home with the kids....I don't really feel I am now....I always worked and now although I feel like I am...I don't feel like I am giving everything....I want to make some mula and feel like I am part of supporting the family unit together...
Also in the process of adoption and my main goal is to be with my child as much as possible....
jewelry and lingerie...gotta find me some good bulk prices, with decent product!



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If I had the answer to the million (ok $200) question I'd be doing it myself. I'd love to net like a grand a month but have NO clue with what. Something I'd know a little about and would intrerest me. Been thinking on this for awhile. Have a tax number (hubbies) but no idea where to start. What's fatwallet.com? Guess I could just go look huh? :D


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I've been working on this myself. I would like to eventually NET around $1500/mo. My first month out, I did around $400.

Here's my plan:

-Find a niche. You can't be all things to all people. You need to know one or 2 areas REALLY WELL. I suggest starting with things that are interesting to you and then research that section of ebay every single day. I go into categories and sort them by price (highest prices first) so I can see what's really selling well. When you find a seller that's making good money in your area, save them as a favorite seller then visit them at least once a week to see what their offerings are.

-Do not piecemeal. I have learned the hard way, that by adding one thing here and 2 things there, that you don't make good $ at that unless it's just a rarity that everyone is looking for. For me, I'm listing purses and scrapbook mainly so I have decided each week, to work toward NEXT weeks listings. That way I have 20 things ending close to each other. Why? Well, I figure that I can advertise for all items on each auction (at least an explanation to what else you're selling and a link), and that will draw free additional advertising to those auctions. I found that out the hard way... I had 4 purses with no bids and I'd sold almost every one up to that point.... mainly because I had other related/semi-related items out there.

-Cross promotion. It seems to work better if you are selling in one or 2 areas that might be slightly related or have the same consumer base. I sell scrapbook supplies and purses. Scrapbookers are mainly women, and women carry purses. Scrapbookers also, are not scared of dropping some $$ when they really want something. They are also notorious for finding the best bargain possible :) (I know, I am one).

-Bits and bats. I made a goal to go to garage sales every week and pick up 5 things I could sell on ebay. So far I've met my goal, and have found a variety of items to sell. I thought this could be a good way to test the market and see what sort of things would do well for me. So far, it's been... "ehhhhh" on those sorts of sales. (do have a bunch of printers blocks up if anyone collects em lol). Go back to "find a niche". I have found that there are a LOT of things I don't know whether I should buy or not because I'm just not sure if they will do well or not. I've come home and done research and found that most of my decisions have been good ones.

There's supposedly a couple here in my town that makes $80k a year off of ebay but I don't know them personally. If I run across them at some point, I will definitely scrape the inside of their head and get some pointers.

Personally, I don't think going out and buying huge wholesale lots that just anyone can get is going to do well. JMO of course. Before you do that, I'd research and see what everyone else is selling if they are selling the same thing. I think uniqueness is the key really. (or cheaper than the other guy).

I know many of us are trying to sell the next big "bizarre" auction, but lets face it, unless you have a "gorgeous" body or think of a new body part to advertise on (Advertise on my tail!!), it's pretty much been done to death. GP is the big player, everyone wants them, and they are only going to bid on the first and the originals. (read: copying *yawn*).

And lastly, I think it's something you need to have some sort of passion about. Sure, I could probably invest in computer widgets and sell them for good $$ if I knew enough about it to sell them, but I do get bored easily. I love creating new purses and scrapbook stuff so that keeps me doing it.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all. As for me well you all know that I sell comic books and toys. I thought that the decoupage boxes would sell but no dice. Back to the drawing board for me. My advice to all new sellers is to do your homework and scope out others (eBayers) sales in the field you want to sell in. It's a great way to get started.

Also make sure you like the items yourself (you might get stuck with them).
When opening up your own business wade into the waters don't jump. Take your time and go from there.

And for those who wonder I have been in business for myself since 1989 and I have had several flops (it happens) as well as high sales. Well my nickel is up so I got to go for now. Hope this helps.
Catch ya later.......... :warp:


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I think what Fairyquadmother and Surfer say makes a huge point! Sell something you like. It will also show in your listings because you will put up a better desription of things you enjoy. Good Luck to you.


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1_ares_1 said:
I think what Fairyquadmother and Surfer say makes a huge point! Sell something you like. It will also show in your listings because you will put up a better desription of things you enjoy. Good Luck to you.
Agreed! :D My best auctions have been the ones I enjoyed setting up. People appreciate a well written auction and they then let others know about it and so on, and so on.

More hits = higher bids


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ANd you do that well Anglespeak! I sold about 17 more cards over the weekend! :)


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Msbabedoll said:
ANd you do that well Anglespeak! I sold about 17 more cards over the weekend! :)
:D That's what a virtual family is for, right?


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my brother is a professional stay at home ebay power seller and he sells military collectables and antique toys and the best advise he ever gave me when i began my ebay stint was tyo buy books books and more books.

sales on ebay come and go and what you sell for $100.00 one day may only bring $50.00 the next so you must know your market away from ebay and then set reserves so that you dont lose $