If you had a chance to save somebody's life


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So if you had a chance to save somebody's life, only there was a 75% chance that you would die in the process would you do it?

How about a 50% chance that you would die while saving them?

25% chance?

Let's say for simplicity that in each of the above scenarios the person is guaranteed to be saved. It's only you that has a chance of not making it.

Where would you draw your line between personal safety and saving the life of somebody else? Let's say a total stranger? You can also answer the question as if it were a friend or family member as well if you want.

I'd do it. I think if I had a plain as day chance to save somebody's life it would be worth trying.


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Except for a few people that I would definitely not take a bullet for, I would save a stranger every time. It would actually be easier if I knew nothing at all about them (didn't even see them do/say anything at all). I assume people are generally good. I'd be bummed though if I found out later that the person I saved was a jerk.

I don't know how I could live with myself after if I didn't try.


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I'd do it as well. If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to live with myself after it.

Well, actually I don't really know if I would do it or not. Who knows what a person would do in that actual situation?
If the 1 person means a lot to me or a friend of mine, yes. If not, no. I'd rather risk my life if it were 2 or more people, since its at least 2 lives spared for the price of 1.

If my live weren't at risk, then I'd do it regardless of who it was, and how many it was.
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I knew my answer before you even mentioned the whole chance part. If it was someone I loved, there would be no questions. I'd do anything I could to save them even if it cost me my life.


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From about 50% onwards, I definitely would. Mind you, not being a stistician myself, I wouldn't know it was a 50% chance, so I guess I'd be screwed.


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Well the statistics were more meant to make the hypothetical part of the question more easy to think through.

Obviously in real life you have 100% uncertainty rate.


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No I wouldnt. If it was someone I cared about maybe.

If it was an ideal I cared about yes.

However that is what my head says. I am sure when I am in the situation I would probably do it anyways...that seems like the type of action I would take. More often than not I seem to do unwarranted kind actions to complete strangers even though I know it is dumb.


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It depends. If it was someone I really cared about then yes. If it is just a random hobo then probably not. But it really all just depends on the situation. I've never been in a situation like the one mentioned so it's hard for me to say yes or no.
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