If you had 300 Million dollars

Whats the most amount of money you have won? (ie Lottery, scratch off, casino, bingo)

  • $300-$500

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  • $1,000-$5,000

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  • $5,000-$10,000

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  • $10,000-$100,000

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  • $100,000 or more

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  • The Jackpot!

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Hell, It's about time!
This is always something nice to dream about. But what would you do if it really did happen? You look at your lottery ticket and realize you had all the numbers and you won the 300 Million jackpot.

I think first I would start shaking and getting sweaty and possibly do a double take. Then I would put the ticket in a cast iron safe; get a tax lawyer, and an accountant.

Once I got the check, the first thing I would do is give a portion of it to my parents and grandpa. I would buy a nice house, nothing that would attract attention to myself, but something nice. My car collection would go up. I would buy a Dodge Viper, Dodge Ram 3500, another Ford Mustang (in addition to the one I have), Nissan 350Z, BMW Z4, and probably a Maserati spider... I could go on forever about cars. After all that, I would have to build a garage to house all those cars. After all the nice things were bought I would invest about half of it into a IRA account and live off the 11-15% interest for the rest of my life.

As for things I would buy, I would buy a kick a$$ high definition 62' Plasma screen TV, and a nice surround sound system to go with it, along with all the goodies that go with a nice entertainment system. Including a movie theater style room with recliners and comfy sofas.

I would build a nice New England (Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and the Bruins) sports style bar/lounge in my basement with a pool table, jukebox etc...

I would donate a million or so to the NRA, Catholic children charities, Cancer and AIDS research etc…

My gun collection would look something similar to what you would see at Gander mountain in the gun department :D

I would defiantly buy 100 acres or so of land out in Montana, Arizona and Texas to go hunting on whenever I wanted.

And last but not least I would open up a Scenario 200 Acre paintball field with bunkers, full size forts, rivers, dune buggies, 4 wheelers, etc…


Certified Shitlord
I've won $300 before and even that was awesome to me.

I have watched my mother scratch a $10,000 winner though. She only got about 8,000 after taxes which sucked, but damn it was still 8,000.


First, I would take a DEEP breath.
Next, I would take the money as a LUMP SUM, not yearly installments. That way, if the lottery were to go broke, I would not be out of the money. And the IRs would have to take their cut upfront, and not get any more than that out of me.

I would pay off our mortgage and Dodge 2500 bills.

I would put $20M into trust for my grandaughter, so she will have an easier life than her mother and grandmother did, and be able to be independent, and never feel like she has to be with a man to take care of her (so many women do). She can take care of herself.
And enjoy her life. Her life is already going to be complicated enough as it is, with her mother.

I would buy my daughter a home, and pay off her bills. I would put enough into trust for her to last through her lifetime. reason for the trust? so she could not waste it on frivolous
purchases. She has a hard time handling money. I would ensure her welfare for the rest of her life, so I could know she was taken care of.

I would help my husband's kids pay off their homes and cars, and set up our other grandaughter with a trust, as well.

I would ensure my parents and my husband's dad and wife were set for the rest of their lives. no worries for them.

I would buy my husband 1000 acres of land anywhere he chooses, and we would build our dream home there. We would be totally self-sufficient, and OFF THE GRID. I would have some type of system in place where our taxes would automatically be paid every year out of a trust, for the duration of our lives, and the interest off our investments will pay it in the future for our kids to own the land after we pass on. I would purchase gold and keep it in our underground safe and shelter. We would add to our arsenal. I would have the mini-farm we want to have, and raise our own food. No pesticides used there!

We would have financial freedom.


Registered Member
The first thing I would do is hire an attorney that I already know and trust.

Next, I'd move out of my home to an undisclosed location to avoid all the 'new' friends and family members I never knew I had.

Next would be to sit down with an investment counselor.......

Then I'd buy a new weed whacker.

good plan ^

I believe I would become the founder of an international disaster relief foundation .. & invest heavily in alternative fuel + mobile skill training programs .. you know tour around teaching people down on their luck electronics, carpentry ect out of the back of a few 18 wheelers ..

everything I earn is a win in my book .. cant never tell when companies are going to fold or whats going to happen .. every payday is a win .. I don't do standardized gambling (lottery,casino) usually ... so never won anything in that manner ..


Registered Member
Get a tax lawyer to see what the minimum amount of taxes I could pay would be, pay the bills, get a nice car (something respectable but still somewhat modest), maybe even a house somewhere out in Washington/Oregon, and save the rest until I found something meaningful to do.


Hell, It's about time!
I've won $300 before and even that was awesome to me.

I have watched my mother scratch a $10,000 winner though. She only got about 8,000 after taxes which sucked, but damn it was still 8,000.
I've come home from Atlantic City with a little over $700, starting with only a hundred. It was a good night, kept hitting 70 bucks here, 90 bucks there on slots, tripled my money at a blackjack table, and hit $350 dollars on the roulette table. I put all my chips on lucky number 18... and it hit. I put a little back, but after all was said and done I walked out with a little over $700, I couldnt close my wallet because there was so many twenties :yes: Not that that was a problem...

My fiances dad hit 5 grand on a scratch off last December... other then that nothing to serious. I won $100 dollars on a powerball ticket last september. Thats 100 I didnt have, so I was happy... what pissed me off the worst tho is the other two numbers to hit the jackpot were on the line below :no: Kind of upsetting


rainbow 11!
First, I'd get myself emancipated and cut myself off from my parents and the rest of my family except for my cousin in Scotland and my sister. I'd give them each 1 mil to do whatever, other than that, they aren't getting anything from me.

About 5 mil would go towards child abuse charities. Maybe more, but for some reason I would flip about spending it all. (I went to greece with about 1200 euro and barely spent half of it incase I'd run out...)

I'd buy a 350z and live in a small apartment in Texas, finishing my high school and college there before moving once again to California for a few years.

Then finding a nice place to settle away from both Texas and Florida. Of course spending lots of money on Denise during the whole time. ^^

I'd buy all of the books that I want. And also get a PS3, Wii, and DS with all of the games I want.

More money to Denise, about 10 mil.

More money to charity once I realize I won't run out anytime soon. lol

Then perhaps buy another house somewhere else. Most likely in the countryside in Italy and a place in Japan. ^^

Then I'd put myself on a program where my taxes are paid automatically.
I'd also do what Hoosier said, run from those "family" and "friends."

Most of my friends now would probably get a small cut. Not much, they aren't much of anything.

OH! If this place is still going, I'dd donate a large sum to keep it that way. ^^ Plus for more contests.
Save it, and withdraw/use a million a year which would be further divided into monthly instlaments. I'd still probably work and all that, but I'd have plenty of free money to donate to causes I think are worthy, or invest in new things I like that I might have not liked before, go on trips, or even just buy the shiniest new toy/trinket I like.

I'd also pay for things like college and a house.