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Help If you do this survey - I'll love you forever.


Registered Member
Hey guys,

So basically I'm doing my dissertation for uni and have created this survey for it, now I need as many people as possible to complete it :cute:

It's all about modern advertising, and would only take a few minutes.

Would reaaaaally appreciate anyone who fills it out. Also if you have any views on changes in advertising or any views in general about the topic please feel free to say. Every little helps.

Thank you :D

Oh and here is the link:
Advertising Survey


A Darker Knight
For the love of strangers online? I'll do anything


I am the woolrus
Done!! I have sympathy because i'm currently up at.... 6am working on my dissertation!!

Oh and for favourite advertisement.... There was NO competition: :p

Nutrigrain Ad - YouTube


Where is my Queen?
I just did it. So when do I get to recieve the loving? I'll pm you my address.
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