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If you didn't need to work


aka ginger warlock
Lets say for an example you won the Lottery on Friday and lets say it was enough money you could live off it for at least five years not to the extent you could afford to drink the most expensive drinks, eat the most expensive food and hire a limo to drive you everywhere but enough to make sure you could live through the day would you continue to work for that five year gap or would you get a easy job that you enjoyed to keep topping up your bank balance?

I think I would continue to work and use my wages for lack of a better word as pocket money but continue to top up.


Well-Known Member
I would work part time in a job I enjoyed, or study so that when the money ran out I could get a decent paying job that I also slightly enjoyed.


No matter how much I won, I would never stay home do other things just for fun because I'm pretty sure life would get boring very soon.
I know what it's like not to work and stay home/go out all day no matter if you're rich or poor.


Babeasaurus Sex
I wouldn't live off it for five years instead I would invest it in a business.

Something I've always wanted to do.


Hmm, since I am only 20 if I won that kind of money I would put it towards full-time study. The idea of being able to study without having to worry money and part time jobs at the same time seems great. I would also put some towards a small unit in the city perhaps so I can eventually move on to study in better schools.


Well let's see if I won a million $$$ and after taxes it would be about 750,000
I would put 500,000 in a CD of some sort that would get me the most interest and live off the 250,00 I got left that would go in my checking account and then only take out the interest every year on the CD.


I would by season tickets for the Pittsburgh Penguins and have a ball.


rainbow 11!
I would take some time off. Maybe a month... But after that I would probably cut to part time and invest some of it in a CD and use the rest for school. If you think about it isn't much. So I would work, invest and go to school.


Haters gonna hate.
It depends how large the winnings are, for me. 1M bucks... I'll still work. 300M bucks... HELL NO. I won't work for a while.

For me, school comes first. If I ever won it during these college years, I would still go through school to achieve my goals.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I would probably continue working and living my life the same way, and put the money towards early retirement.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I would probaby travel for the next few months, go to tons of sporting events maybe take two years off to enjoy myself and visiting the World. Then I would eventually go back to work part-time and work two or three times a week. I would definitely take advantage of winning all that money that's for sure.