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Discuss If you didn't have to pay for school?


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If you didn't have to pay for school, what would be the one thing you'd go back for?

I know for me I'd love to get my PH.d in Psycology. I'd love to help troubled kids who aren't getting the help they need. Like those in group homes or in trouble and locked up.


I'm currently studying a degree in animation. I love it and am doing something I am passionate about.

If I was to go back for another degree after animation though, I would probably choose something completely different. I've spent so much of my schooling studying art and film, so I'd want to do something with animals I think. I don't know what degree's there are in particular to do with animals. Probably something to do with zoology.


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I'd go back and get a M.S. in Computer Science in a heartbeat. Tuition isn't even the issue, honestly. The real problem is affording to live while I go to school.


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Well, i'm still in high school, but if I didn't have to pay for college, i would probably learn to fly a plane. Flying has always caught my interest. I might still learn to fly even though I have to pay for it. But my first degree that i will get will be either an architect or an engineering degree.


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I would do Criminology and get on a path of being a lawyer, don't get me wrong, I love Sport & Rec but I always wanted to be involved with law.


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I'm so close to finishing my degree in early childhood (I student teach next fall! AH!), but if I were to go back I would get my masters in child development so I could be a child specialist, because it seems like a very rewarding job. (For those who don't know: they are the people who go into hospitals and educate/enrich sick children)


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I've already graduated. But if I didn't have to pay for school, I would go for the art classes so I can improve on my paint colors and my backgrounds.


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If you didn't have to pay for it I can see me taking all sorts of classes for fun and expanding my knowledge on certain subjects but not getting a degree in anything. I think it would be fun to learn some things about archeology, geology or like penny said just learn how to become a better artist.


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Tuition isn't a problem for me either. If I were to go to school, I'd probably want to get a degree in either architecture, civil engineering, or some math or science field.