If you could...


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become someone else for 24 hours and then pop back into your body and life, who would it be and what would you do?

For instance, I would like to become Osama Bin Ladin and then I'd like to kill myself.

Who would you like to be and what would you do just for that 24 hours?


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I am going to choose a dead person. I would love to have changed bodies with Babe Ruth for 24 hours during one his games just to see how it was like back then. Also he liked to go out to drink and pick up woman, I would love to see how much attention he really got, and what were his real thoughts about the whole ordeal.


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Hmm, I would be Megan Good, so i can strip down and perv on myself for 24 hours.

Lol jokes, umm, I would be the RZA , so I can see how a master producer works,and take all the knowledge back with me.


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I would be Trent Reznor. I'd like to see what it's like to be that much of a musical genius, and to see what it's like to perform on stage, etc. Or I'd be Trent's object of desire. LOL.


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I think I would like to be Tiger Woods. I enjoy watching golf but I suck at playing golf. I would like to have his skills for a day.


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I'd be Hybrix. I want to see what his typical day is like.


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I would be a mentally disabled person because I want to see the things they are thinking, how their brain actually works and how the whole concept of being mentally disabled is.


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I would like to be Stan Lee for a day. I would dig through the Marvel archives and other storage facilities and send all the cool stuff I found to myself along with a bunch of autographed stuff and give myself a permanent life time contract for making props for all their up and coming movies.


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I'd choose one of my daughters, would love to know how a toddler's/baby's mind really works.
You know I also want to be my baby, however if I'm the baby then does that mean the mommy-me wouldn't be there to take care of me? I might have a disastrous day if left to my dad. :lol: