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Movies If you could replace your favourite actor in a movie?


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What movie would it be and why?

I would love to replace Adam Sandler in the movie called "Billy Madison"

That movie is great and I would be perfectly suited for his role, stupid & naive.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I would love to replace Stallone in any Rocky movies, all the training he did for those movies were outstanding, it would of defenitely pumped me up.

I would also wouldn't mind replacing Leonardo Dicaprio in Aviator and Blood Diamond, since both of those roles were amazing.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Assuming I were the right age to replace these people:

I'd play Howard Hughes in "Aviator" any day.

Leonardo DiCaprio is not my favorite actor however, but he's up there.

I'd also like to replace Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind".

I also wouldn't mind replacing James Franco as Harry in the Spiderman movies.

I also wouldn't mind playing the Joker. I wouldn't want to develop insomnia from it though and end up dying. Just not worth it.
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