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If you could pick an MMA personality to enter professional wrestling...


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Simple premise...if you could pick an MMA personality to enter the world of professional wrestling, who would it be? Any ideas on how you'd write him into a storyline?

***note: this excludes former wrestlers, such as Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley.***

This thread idea comes from my remembering of Rampage Jackson hosting RAW....after he had said he loved the experience and would love to jump to the WWE full time. I wouldn't mind seeing that, to be honest. I always liked the link that Ken Shamrock provided between the two.

Personally, it would be a tie between Rampage (he seemed to click with RAW in personality and style, and I think with some in-ring training he'd be just fine) or Tito Ortiz (same with the personality). I'd lean slightly more towards Rampage because Tito, although he has the big personality, sometimes comes across as a little whiner to me, I've seen a lot of hissy fits out of the guy and he doesn't come out manly, lol.

There are a lot of other good choices out there.



Sultan of Swat
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The first name that popped into my head when I read the title of this thread was Rampage Jackson. I believe he could do a wonderful job as wrestler in the WWE. He as the look, he as charisma and he as some wrestling abilities. He would need to improve his microphone skills and develop more wrestling abilities, but I believe he would fit in well in the WWE.


***note: this excludes former wrestlers, such as Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley.***
Dang it! I was going to say Brock Lesnar. :\

I'm going with Frank Mir. I'm picking him solely based on his looks while I have no idea how he would be on the mic. He has a great look that can fit perfectly in WWE.


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Tito Ortiz wouldn't be so bad. I remember he did a really short stint with TNA back in 2005. I think he was a referee for the NWA Heavyweight Championship match at one of the pay-per-views (back when TNA was with Fox Sports) between Jeff Jarrett and anther guy who I can't seem to remember.