If you could meet...


Sultan of Swat
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If you could meet any sports athlete that plays professional sports today who would it be? Please tell me why you'd like you meet him.

Also if you had a chance to ask him three questions, what would those three questions be?


Oh, poppycock.
Michael Jordan
(kind of cliche, but oh well)

What was it like to be in Space Jam?

What song motivates you?

Ever play any other sports?


Sultan of Swat
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It shows you don't know much about Michael Jordan, but that's fine. Just to let you know that Jordan retired in 1993 to try a career in baseball. He said he lost the passion to play Basketball, and he was very good baseball player as he kid, so he decided to give Baseball a try. He didn't succeed so he went back to Basketball in 1995.


Oh, poppycock.
haha. I'll admit to not knowing much, but that shows the reason behind my questions. Thanks for answering one.


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I would like to meet Evgeni Plushenko (Russian figure skater). I adore watching him skate.


What's on your mind while you're skating competitively?
When are you coming back for real?
What's your most favorite performance ever and why?


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Either Jonathan Papelbon, Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis, or Tom Brady.

Actually, I'd love to meet Dice-K and ask him about his transition to American baseball, the criticisms and the pressures he's had to deal with.


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Steven Gerrard

Did you think you would be able to win in the CL league Final 2005 against AC Milan despite beeing behind by 0-3?

If you had to leave Liverpool which team would you prefer to go to?`

Is there any other sports you are a fan of watching?


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I would like to meet Michael Ballack and ask him this questions:
1) How is it: to be the captain of the Bundesteam (national soccer team of Germany)
2) Are you still worrying for Bayern?
3) Who could become your successor after your leaving from the team?


Sultan of Swat
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I would love to meet Ken Griffey Jr.

Ask him this:

-Do you believe you could of beat the Home Run record if you never had all those injuries?

Where did you get your sweet swing from?

Who was your favorite player to watch growing up?