If you could meet?


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If you could meet anyone on GF for a day and learn from them, who would it be?:D
Jeanie, she's kick ass!
Hime, she reminds me of me a little.
Echoes, he's one of my favorite on the forum
Andrew, because, well duh, he's Andrew
Night, he's been one of my best online friends for 3 years now
Spence, same reason as Night, and he really did encourage me to get this fine job.
Scuba, I think he'd be fun to hang out with for a day
Ex, he's adorable and can play music for us all.

There's more, but those were the first to pop into my head

As far as learning from them? Not sure, what it would be.


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Jeanie-She is just badass.
Angel-My favorite bibliophile! :D
Phoenix-She is just so freaking cool. So much in common.
Sith Peeps!- So we could have fights
Ex-So he can teach me to beat box :p
Red-Nerdy/Latin talk!
Easily Amused- For her to enlighten my taste in musicals.

There is more... Can't think of it though.


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Steve, Hybrix, Corona, Peaches, and AngelsPeak. I'd also like to have a real life poker game with all the poker regulars (Kaz, Van, dDave, redsoxocd, etc). I'd like to meet almost everyone though, so if I didn't mention your name don't feel bad.