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If You Could Make Your Own?????



long ssj3-like black Hair with red streaks, black fur, a sliver arura with black lightening and shenrons eyes

King Vegeta

Long black hair for a Super Saiyan form? I don't like the idea.


wow be creative please iv heard nothing but stupid ideas, what id do i combine all levels strength from the ssj3 hair from the ssj4 but green and sky blu mix with the lightning from the second level but navy blue and the fury from the first level but is 20 times stronger thats what id do
I would combine SS4 and Ultimate Gohan, and this is why..... You see Gohan's Ultimate power cannot interfere with his anatamy, so if Gohan looked at the full-moon he would transform into an Oozaru, but not Golden Oozaru b/c he can no longer become SS. So, he would gain control of his powers, transform back to his human size, have black fur, hair, and eyes. Have electricity of SS2 and SS3 combined, with longer hair.