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About anything (i.e. TV show, video game etc...) what would it be and what would it be about?

For me... I'd love to see a Starcraft movie. That game is epic and I'd love to see a movie about the game and it's story line.


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Borderlands, actually... Left4Dead would make an awesome movie. They could probably make one with all four levels, or maybe two with two campaigns in one. It would be hard. haha


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Starcraft really? That game is oldschool, 1998 (just looked it up) Thought it was 1995.

If I could make a movie I'd make it on the book that I'm writing right now, don't exactly want to share details, but it's a very big book that will legitimately have 10 parts (probably 300-400 pages at least, per part) It's about betrayal, death, redemption, and ultimately a journey where 2 men must destroy evil at it's heart.

It's simply too complicated to explain, plus I don't really want anybody to know til I eventually might get it published, most people understand that right?


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I would totally make a series of movies based on the Preston & Child Agent Pendergast novels. With Johnny Depp as Pendergast. He'd have to go blonde again. I think I would have Ridley Scott direct.


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Porno. with me as the star. And 3 hot chicks. I have to wait a few years though. :shake:

But really, I'd love to make Stephen King's epic The Dark Tower series a series of movies. The First two books could be a movie, but the other are so great that even the 4th book might need two full length movies. At least 24 HRs of movies. Epic.


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Heh.. I sort of am in the process of preparing to make a movie. Needless to say, I won't be sharing any details at the moment other than the details I've already posted in the VIP section of this site. :D

Ideally, I'd like to make thought and emotion provoking dramas that really grip people in a beneficial way.

I would also like to make a movie based on the game GoldenEye. It had a great plot and I could definitely see a movie being made after it. :rolleyes:
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I would make the sequel for Titanic. Titanic 2: The Revenge of Jack Dawson.
Just imagine Jack running after Rose with a knife and screaming at her "You said you would never let go you bitch!"


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Out of a book, I'd like to attempt at making movies based on Isaac Asimov's writings. I Robot was ok but I'd like the Foundation Series made.
I would spill the beans, but I'm afraid somebody would steal an idea of mine for a film that I actually would like to make some day, and if the funds become available in the future, I will.

On the other hand, a project that I don't think I'd want to make myself, but would definitely like to see is a true to form story based around the video game Dead Space. I think if done properly it could really work, and if presented to people unfamiliar with the game, then well, it could make for an extremely scary experience for them, something that would go well for its merits. A horror film that actually does the business.
Seeing as it has to be the most terrifyingly atmospheric game I've ever played, I can certainly seeing it work as a horror film. Even the title is awesome, resonating an air of fear all on its own. I'd like to see that, if done right it would be brilliant. --
They'd need some firm talent on this one though, and it would probably be best if they shied away from A-list stars, as they would demerit the entire thing. People would be going, "oh, it's him out of Fight Club," or, "it's that scary english guy." -- They wouldn't be worried or frightened for a genuine, unknown character that they come to learn about throughout the course of the film, they would be simply hoping that the big-dick/tits survive.

Furthermore, I suspect the suit that the protagonist in the game wears will enhance this anonymous concern for the lead. -- This would be brilliant. Honestly. Actually, I would love to be a part of this, even if I'm just some hapless cadaver in the corner of a dingy, dark metal room. One more time, it'd be brilliant.
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