TV If you could live in any home on a television series, Which one would it be ?


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I'd live in the Queen Vic, Albert square.
I would be good to see all the goings on around the square as well as in the Queen Vic. Talking to people daily about various subjects.


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Probably the house in Fresh Prince of Bel Air, it was a mansion, and it had a lot of cool stuff inside. Also they had a pool and a pool house as well. It's defenitely seems to be the coolest house on television.


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Bill Bixby starred in a little known TV series called THE MAGICIAN where he played a stage magician/escape artist who used his skills to solve crimes/mysteries. The coolest thing about the show was his privately owned 747 "The Spirit" which served as his mobile headquarters/home. He had an entire condo built in that thing. The idea of living in a 747 is just too cool for words.

I'd also like to live in the train Robert Conrad and Ross Martin used as their headquarters/home in THE WILD WILD WEST.


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I can think of three, right off the bat:

  • The Playboy Mansion (The Girls Next Door)
  • Stately Wayne Manor (yes, kids, Batman was a TV show once upon a time)
  • Father Ted's homey home on lovely Craggy Island ("Feck! Arse! Drink!")


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I would love to live in Rob Dyrdek's crib. He got a nice balcony where you can jump down into the couch. I would be doing that every day.cx8 He also has a pool and a skatepark in the backyard.