If you could learn a foreign language


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What language would you learn and why?

I kind of want to relearn French. I forgot almost everything I learned from when I took it in school. I don't know if I'll ever go back to France (though I'd like to hike in the Alps someday), but I just love the way the language sounds. Plus then I could talk to ysabel in two languages.


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French definitely. I went to Paris once and loved the way people spoke there. Many of the people could speak English so I felt lame not being able to speak French.
I took French in school but because I haven't used the language in 7 years I've forgotten so much of it.


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If I didn't have to work at it, Mandarin Chinese. It would be really useful, since China's the most populous nation in the world, plus their society is modernizing at an incredible rate. I wouldn't be surprised if they take over the world in a few decades.

Also, I'm half Chinese, and people are always asking me if I can speak it, so it'd be kind of nice to be able to say yes. And I plan to visit China at least once in my life, so it would be handy.


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I'd go with German. I'm mostly of German ancestry, with the rest of my ancestry being from English speaking areas (Ireland, Scotland) and plus Germany would be a really cool place to visit and hit up Oktoberfest.


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Would love to learn Spanish, when watching Spanish football on the television, I always turn up the volume so I can hear Spanish and hopefully learn a bit of it, the language sounds great and I wanna be able to speak it.

Another language I want to learn is French because I love their accent and would love to speak it fluently because one day I hope I can take a tour of France and instead of looking like a lostie, I wanna be able to speak the language and communicate.

I know a bit of Italian, and have taken it since Grade 3 and I want to full develop the skills of it because it's a great language to know. Shame I don't have it for the next school year.


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I would like to able to learn Spanish as my sister lives in Mexico and i would love to be able to talk to my nephew and niece in Spanish,i would also like to know French,unfortunately i suck at languages and have never been able to learn and remember a few words.


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I'd go for Mandarin. You can earn a fortune in English>Mandarin>English translation.

It is also one of those languages that is so far from my own that you need to learn it you cant just get by.