TV If you could host a TV show


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which TV show would that be?

I would host "WipeOut Australia" because it's bloody awesome, the stuff they do and when they make a mistake or fall off their task, I can piss myself laughing.


The Hierophant
Takeshi's Castle or MXC, whichever one you know it by. Hilarious show where Japanese people get fucked up doing insane stunts. I'd laugh my ass off just watching the people trying to get across the log rollers and falling in between them.


Do What Thou Wilt
I would pick the Oprah Winnfrey show. that would be quite an improvement there, I'm sure people would rather see a skinny brown boy rather than a portly black woman.


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I would like to host Wheel of Fortune. I would go off on the contestants. I would be like why the hell do you guys pick the letter T all the damn time?


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I would host a travel documentary show. It means I'd be traveling all over too, and all-expense paid by the studio!


Sally Twit
I'd love to host "Who wants to be a millionaire?" because it'd be so cool to sit opposite someone playing to win a shit load of money. It'd be great to experience it with them and I've love to keep them waiting before I told them if they answered correctly or not.


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I think another show I would like to host is The Price is Right. Again, I would go off on the contestants.

"$1?! Are you fuckin serious?! You think that shit cost $1!!!! That diamond necklace ain't $1! You got to be fuckin kidding me." :D


Sultan of Swat
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I would like to hose The Price is Right, I think I could do a much better job then Drew Carey is currently doing. I'm also a fan of the show, and I would be hopeful to go out with the models from a few beers after the taping was done :)