If you could go back in time and do any one thing, what would you do?


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A split off from the "If you could go back in time..." thread, as I didn't want to be guilty of hijacking that to a new topic, as his was about killing Hitler and living Red Alert IRL.

If you could go back in time and do any one thing, what would it be?

I have no interest in toppling mighty empires, and the idea of preventing WW2 or whatever bores me, but I do know what I want to do -- Observe the last moments of Otzi's death.

Otzi is a frozen mummy from the Alps. Sometime in the chalcolithic, he caught an arrow in the back and it severed an artery. He died quickly. He died with numerous small wounds on his hands, as if he had been fighting in close order. He had a number of items with him when he was shot, including a copper axe, which at the time was a prestige item. There are numerous theories I will explore in a different thread, but I have always wondered -- was it ritual sacrifice? Execution? Murder? An accident? Assisted suicide? Did he fall in battle?

So many things...so few answers...



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Does transporting resources back in time to effectively duplicate them--solving all problems involving their scarcity--count as "one thing"? If so, then that's what I would do. :)

Cheomesh said:
Don't personally think we would gain much by that, but it would make for some nice artifacts.
For people who value knowledge, like myself, there would be an immense gain from rescuing so many texts.
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If I were to go back in time, I'd go just 3 years into the past to be with the one I love... my sister...


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I'd give the detailed version of the events of 911 in hopes that it wouldn't be ignored given they'd have the specifics required to prevent it.


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Go back and buy a few brand new NES, SNES, ATARI 2600, and never open them, you'd make tons of money, there is no brand new boxed NES in existence.

I could also go back in time and buy a whole bunch of super valuable domain names online before people were thinking of those sorts of things being important, I'd be a multi millionaire by now.