If you could conquer the world.....

If you could conquer the world, which countries would you capture and then own?

Just a hypothetical lets-be-creative thread.
Probably just Chile and I'll live on the Easter Island. I wouldn't want too many countries, and I wouldn't want any war. I just want to live peacefully in my country while everybody else is fighting it out for their own piece.
La France. I'd force every cafe to offer me free croque-monsieur, wine and I'd wear a baret. The best part - no one could stop me, no one! Ahahaharr.


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Turkey, and remove all the men. >_> Turkish men are always pervs, from my experience. Then I'd drag Jamaica to England, like in the ad.
I'd start by taking Indonesia, for the sake of having so many big and little islands to myself.
It would be interesting if somebody posted a world map, but instead of the countries names, it'll have the members names of the country they chose. There should be enough countries for the majority of active members here. ^_^