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If You Could Bring Back Any Musician...


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Unfortunately, a lot of the great musicians seem to have a rather short shelf life. So, if you could bring back any deceased musician, who would you choose?

For me, i'd choose The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold. Not that they aren't good without him, I just think they'd be better as most of my favourite songs from them were written by him. There are a bunch of others i'd like to bring back such as Dimebag Darrell and Paul Gray, hell even MJ but The Rev definitely takes top spot. So, how about you?


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I'd have to go with Kurt Cobain, because Foo Fighters are shite and that whole 90s music scene change after he died.


Lion Rampant
Karen Carpenter, one of the great voices of history (and a fellow Downey High School alum). Why not do something nice, I figure, as long as I have the power?

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Sultan of Swat
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This won't surprise anyone, but my first selection is Michael Jackson. He still had a lot to offer, and he was just about to go on tour which would of been amazing.

Another one would be Tupac, I think Rap would of be much better today if he was still alive and making music. I also I wonder how he would react to Eminem, I imagine they would be good friends since both were/are close to Dre.

I co-sign Kurt Cobain, I don't believe Foo Fighers is crap, but Cobain was a genius.

Another on the list is John Lennon, just imagine if he was still alive today. That's a scary thought actually.

I can go on and on, but I'll let other people take a stab at the question too.


Living in Ikoria
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Great thread topic, Imp.

I'd go with Bob Marley...his music, to me, is just really inspiring and uplifting. The thought of him making more music is just electrifying.

I think my second choice would be John Lennon. Just to think of the singles music he could have made up to this day, or even the ideas he'd be throwing out there...it would be pretty awesome.


Haters gonna hate.
I would go with either Tupac or Biggie Smalls. No offense to any other deceased musician, but Tupac and Biggie were gone way too soon, and if they were here alive today, they would still be revolutionizing the hip-hop industry.


I ♥ Haters
Jimi Hendrix - I would sell my soul to see him perform live. And the three founding members of The Ramones (Johnny, Dee Dee and Joey)

Also, I'm with Jeanie on Kurt Cobain. Grunge died with him.


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Karen Carpenter, one of the great voices of history (and a fellow Downey High School alum). Why not do something nice, I figure, as long as I have the power?

I loved the song by The Carpenter's- Top Of The World!
It was playing a lot when I was a young girl sitting at the bowling alley, BORED out of my skull, while my parents bowled in their league.
I always liked it when somebody played that song :)

But I would bring back Elvis, just cause, you said I could bring back any musician, and I like his music and I hate how his life had to end, and I feel bad cause I live in Tennessee, home of Graceland and my happy ass has never gotten over there yet to see it.


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It would depend on the genre.. I would bring either Dimebag or Paul Gray back when it comes to Rock/Metal.. and I would bring TuPac back if it was rap.


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John Bonham and the greatest rock & roll band of all time.

Kurt Cobain would probably just kill himself again if brought back. Too bad, Nirvana was awesome. At least I got to crowd surf right up to Kurt.