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If you could be in Power


Registered Member
There are differences in the US system of politics to say the UK. It is my understanding within the US you vote for the president him/herself where was in the UK we vote for the party as a whole. As and when David Cameron takes early retirement a vote would not be called for, he would simply be replaced though I assume the same would happen in the US.

But lets say the Prime Minister or the President stepped down and you received a phone call asking you to step in, no votes, no elections, nothing. From this day forward until the end of your tenure you have control over your country. Buckle up. It seems like you'll need to.

With that in mind a series of questions to start:

1. Would you even want the job? I realise if you say no at this stage it makes this whole thing pointless but why wouldn't you?

2. You've taken the job, who gets taken out of your cabinet? Who gets brought in?

3. What changes would you first make? This could be a foreign policy, monetary, health system, anything, what stays, what goes

4. Its the end of your run, what legacy do you want to leave? How do you want people to see you? What mark do you want to be put in the history books?

Please feel free to expand on this or add more, this is simply a topic starter.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I wouldn't do it because I would have a big problem with no election being held.

However if I did the first thing I would try to end birthright citizenship, one parent would have to be a citizen. The border patrol would be free to do their job and I would hire more of them plus we would probably have a wall. Anyone here illegally would be deported but I wouldn't go house to house rounding them up, that would be a ridiculous thing to do, they would get caught sooner or later. It would be illegal to hire an illegal and that would be enforced. All these things would apply no matter if they came across the border or overstayed their visa or what race they were.

Either other countries start contributing their fair share to NATO or it would be the end of that. I would not be defending countries for free at taxpayers expense or paying them for having a base. However that would have to be looked at on a country to country basis and if its in our best interest to be there.

These free trade agreements would have to be fair to us. If another country is taxing our imports I would tax theirs. I would have to take a look at these H-1B visas also, if you fire an American just to replace them with a foreigner like they did at Disney I would have a big problem with that. They would have a hefty fine to pay.

If we weren't in the debt we are I would have a national health care system. I also would help poor people with college that had good grades in HS but not pay for everyone's college.

I probably would take less refugees, that would really be hard to say, it would be according to circumstances, I would be more inclined to do something to help them in their own countries. Any refugees we did take it would be because of war not economic reasons.

Of course I might change my mind about some of these things when I became president and found out more about what is really going on.


Registered Member
This is an easy one.

#1 - Answer is No. So the rest becomes irrelevant.

Or... well, I'd probably take it for about a month, but that would be just to review any current issues that really need changing that wouldn't ordinarily happen unless I could and also to figure out exactly how much power I have (because you can't just do anything just because you're the president of this country, as there are limitations I don't know about). So about a month would be spent reviewing limitations of power and then current issues that are never going to change that I see as extremely vital to changing right now instead of taking forever.

Then the 2nd month would probably be spent finding an adequate replacement that will not undo everything I've done and figuring out how to secure the future at least long enough to give the bare minimum necessary changes I make last for a good while so that it is not easy for some asshole from some party to come along and destroy it.

So then, to answer #4 naturally...

#4 - The mark I would make on history is being someone who came in and fixed a bunch of shit that needed fixing without taking forever, perhaps even inviting other people with different life experiences than me to explain what they feel needs changing and see if I can make enough sense of it myself to do something about it without having any regrets, and then just getting the F out and finding someone who knows more about everything to take over, and that they are very UNlike all the crap we are given for candidates every election. So it would probably be some unknown or someone who not many people know about simply because they get drowned out by all the crap candidates.

That is all. I don't have any desire to hold a position of extreme power, only that the ones who do are the right people and I can better spend my time enjoying life and doing things I'm meant to do as a person, which is not politics.


Son of Liberty
1. Yes

2. Haven't really thought much about it, other than General Mattis as my Secretary of Defense. Maybe Thomas Sowell as my Secretary of the Treasury.

3. I would get rid of the Fed. I would get rid of the ACA. I would allow insurance companies to sell across state lines. I would provide tax incentives for companies to manufacture here. I would get rid of the death tax. I would decrease the capital gains tax to encourage investment. I would drop 300 Marines in the Middle East, take off their leash, and let them handle ISIS. I would be an open ally of Israel. I would get rid of sanctuary cities and deport as many illegal immigrants as possible.

4. I wouldn't give a shit about my legacy or what is written in the history books. My focus would be on trying to fix as many of the economic problems we have and deal with all threats, foreign and domestic.