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Discuss If you could be any where outdoors in the world, where?


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I got this idea the other day when I was out doing some walking. I love the outdoors. But I live where there really isn't any outdoor spaces except small parks. I miss going to the mountains. So the one place I would choose is going to spend a good long weekend up in the mountains. I wouldn't travel out of the US but I'd travel to the west coast. Like go to Mt. Hood in Oregon.

What about you guys. Where would you go?


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I would travel to a place where there would be a lot of fishing activity taking place. I would also travel to some hilly areas (if not mountainous) where I could get a good view of certain areas.


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I am happy if I can see the sea. I find it very relaxing to watch, and I love the sounds and smells. I could spend all day at the beach, and one day I aim to own a house by the sea.


I'm serious
I love the ocean too. It would be a coin toss for me between the ocean and the African Bushveld. Whilst I haven't really liked safaris since I was a teenager due to having done one every year if my life as a child, I still have a great appreciation for the bushveld. Nothing quite relaxes me as much as being surrounded by wild animals, elephants, leopards, lions, even those pesky baboons. That said, I especially like doing it in luxury. I enjoy camping, but having a private splash pool in a secluded luxury bungalow has a very specific appeal to me.

The ocean and waves and water does have a similar calming and relaxing effect to it though. I haven't been IN mountains as much per se. I would like to try that some day as well.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I love being in the mountains, and I've spent time in a lot of beautiful mountain ranges across the country. If I had to choose a favorite I think it would be the San Juans in southwestern Colorado. They're probably not the most spectacular mountains I've been in, but they're certainly gorgeous and I felt at home there.


Free Spirit
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If I could I would be in the Rocky Mountains right now. There is no place like them. I loved being in the passes because they were so secluded. The mountain creeks were so cold a clear. The view anyplace you went just about was breathtaking.

All the cowboys herding cattle were worth looking at too.


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I'd be in Japan's Northern Alps Mountain Range. One of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. If you don't believe this - then click on the link to our domain (just above my signature) and type northern alps in the search box. Then check out some of the pages that come up!