If you could be a writer for the WWE.


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If you had one chance to send a storyline to Vince McMahon which one would it be. I want you to be creative, but you have to work with what you've got. You cannot bring a wrestler that is not in the business into the picture.


I am the woolrus
I never really try to come up with storylines or anything, but i was thinking one angle might work. This Miz/Cena thing going on at the moment is working really well and i think it's partly because they're using the opinions of all the Cena haters and PG haters and giving them to the heel. The same could sort of be said about Jericho. Insulting the fickleness of the fairweather fans or the over materialistic side of the WWE talking about merchandise or whatever. It's almost breaking the 4th wall, using opinions of people who would criticise the WWE in storylines.

So i thought one angle could be Triple H (as a heel) utilising his connections and backstage power to stay at the top. McMahon definitely looks to be making a heel turn after the last RAW, insulting the fans and whatnot (though that could have just been to put Trump over) so you could have a storyline where Vince and Stephanie give Triple H the power to book his own matches. It'd work particularly well if there was a face GM on RAW that Triple H could continually overrule with his own decisions in a sort of "I'm married to the boss' daughter, i can do whatever i want" kind of way. Either that or Triple H could just be a heel GM himself, and use the power to continually try and keep the belt around his waist.

Anyways, Trips would continually book his own championship defences against piss easy opponents like Funaki or Festus. Then against more serious opponents he'd change the match rules half way through matches to no DQ, or bring in people and make it a handicap match if things weren't going well. Then against all the odds somebody (an upper midcarder type) would beat him in a match that seemed impossible to win, maybe with a quick roll up, to become new champion. You could have the match on RAW so it'd be even more unexpected. Somebody like John Morrison would be perfect for this, as he's definitely the future face of the company and this would elevate him straight to the top. Unfortunately he's on Smackdown (as is Shelton Benjamin, who'd be second choice for this i think) but i guess you could have somebody like MVP do it. Then you could have an ongoing feud between Triple H and the new champion where Triple H would continually put him in vicious matches to destroy him and matches where it seemed there was no way Triple H couldn't win, but the new champ would continually defy the odds. The champion would keep screwing over Triple H and the McMahons aswell, in a sort of Stone Cold rebellious fashion, but they wouldn't be able to suspend or fire him cus he'd be the World Champion. Again i think this work brilliantly with Morrison's character.

The feud could come to a close where McMahon could come to Triple H and tell him he's sick of watching him fail every single championship match even when the odds are stacked way in his favour and he's a disgrace to the McMahon family. Vince then puts him in a match one on one with the champion at the next PPV and if HHH loses the match it could be something like he loses his booking power, or it's the last shot he's gonna get at that particular world title ever, or maybe even he's 'fired' and Triple H could go on hiatus for a while after the feud is over.

I think it could work really well, especially if John Morrison was his opponent in the feud. It's got a sort of rebel fan favourite taking on the 'corporation' feel to it, much like old feuds Austin or The Rock would have with Vince or associates of the McMahon family. It'd be a fantastic way to push Morrison aswell and make him a big player in the WWE, which he is going to be very soon anyways. Plus even though Triple H would be in the storyline, i think it'd work well with Triple H haters aswell, cus it's kind of utilising the opinion that he over uses his backstage powers. Much like Cena haters love listenening to The Miz's promos now.


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Very interesting story Wooly; I like it. It is sort of like when Stephanie and Triple H ran RAW after they linked up but not entirely the same so I could get behind it.

I dont have anything specific like that but I do want to see newer faces getting bigger pushes and getting more matches on PPV. Miz is going to lose to John Cena but at least he's on the show.

Also, can we give the girls an actual storyline? It seems like since Mickie and Trish we've yet to have an actual story with the girls. There are some girls with actual personalities that need to be exposed to the WWE Universe.