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If you could ask your pet one question?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Ok the title is misleading... If you could ask your pet one question and they would be able to (magically) respond in English and give you an intelligent answer, what would you ask?

Kind of an interesting concept. Just for fun of course!

Also make sure to say what kind of pet you have. If you don't have one you can always pick one that a friend owns or whatever. This is not a very serious thread if you haven't already noticed.. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I have a black lab and my question would be:

"What do you feel your purpose in life is."

Seriously. This dog is not smart. She lies around like.. well a dog (lol) and I would like to hear a good explanation! :)

Chances are the answer would be "To eat, sleep, and be merry". :-/


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Now that's a good question.

I would have to ask my cat what he is seeing when he goes boarding with me.
And I would have to ask my dogs why in the hell do you keep eating the souls out of my socks?

I go to put on a pair of my socks and the dogs have eaten out the bottom of my socks. :shake:


New Member
hm... my first post .. but.. my qs would be..

"whos a good boy .. whos a good boy..?" .. what .. you guys do it dont ya?


The White Wolf
I'd ask my dogs why on earth they enjoy licking their arses so much.


Sssssuper Platinum ******
I'd ask my cat (that I saved from the shelter) why it keep taking my pens, keys and cell phone and hit them under the back the china cabinet while leaving the other family things in one place. :shake:


Registered Member
I had two collies, a Blue Merle and a Tri-color... I'd ask them...
"What's it like to be given food, brushed, walked, have your sh*t picked up for you, loved, adored and sleep all day wherever you want... and all that's expected out of you is a generous tail wag and some kisses occasionally?"


New Member
I'd probably ask my dog how's it like when fleas scratch her flesh. D:

Knowing she's very, very happy and hyper without them... major problem. :/