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If you can ask your question...


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
If you have the chance to ask the question you wanted to ask (with a guarantee to get a straightforward answer) to the following people, what would it be?

1. Someone you personally know who is dead (specify who).
2. Someone from GF (specify who).
3. Jesus Christ.
4. Optional: Anyone else (specify who).


1. My grandpa. I'll ask how he feels about my life choices especially after his death.
2. I'll ask steerpike: Are you a he/she/it/gay?
3. Did you really have a wife and kids? Who?
4. Can't think of anyone right now. Maybe your answers will inspire me later.


yellow 4!
1. Someone you personally know who is dead (specify who).
2. Someone from GF (specify who).
3. Jesus Christ.
4. Optional: Anyone else (specify who).
1. I'd choose my grandad aswell. Theres a whole bunch of questions I'd love to ask, but for the sake of this I'll go with "are you proud of what we've done as a family?"
2. I'm guarenteed a straight answer? I'd ask EEB about his old email address/nickname. :D (I'm not letting that one go!). Steerpike is also a good choice and I'd just ask him his opinion on something... anything.
3. Would you say that what we've created in terms of the bible and such is a fair portrayal of the truth?
4. I'd ask my grandma how she is. Just that simple question, if I could get an honest answer.


Registered Member
1. Well no one particularly close to me has died except for my great grandmother. I guess I'd ask her what my gran was like when she was younger :).
2. I haven't really been on the forums long enough to know anybody that well but Tucker seems like a pretty interesting and funny person. I don't know what I'd ask him though haha
3. I'd ask how he turned water into wine. Could be a useful trick ...
4. My mother, I don't know what I'd ask her but I'd love to get some kind of straight answer out of her ...


Sally Twit
1. I'd ask my cousin if he was happy before he got sick.
2. I'd ask AngelsPeak if she was going to return to the forum any time soon.
3. "Will I go to Heaven when I die?"
4. I'd ask Syndicate if he was in the mood for love.


Registered Member
1 My mum, I would ask her if she had any regrets in her life?
2 I only joined a couple of days ago so I dont know anyone sorry
3 Hmmmm interesting. I would ask him if he thinks we are all weird for following a book compiled on hear say????
4 This is a weird one. Adolf hitler.... I would ask him what was his problem with the Jews and other sects that did not conform

This is my selection, Strange maybe but me


Registered Member
  1. Anyone - "So which religion got it right?"
  2. Smelnick - "Where's that $25.00 you owe me?"
  3. Jesus Christ - see number 1
  4. Smelnick - "BTW! Did you know that you owe me an extra $10.00 for the March 21st social ticket I had to buy for you? If not, I figured this was the best place to mention it!"
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The Hierophant
1. Someone you personally know who is dead (specify who).
My great-grandmother. "When you look down on how the world is today, do you cringe at what you see?"

2. Someone from GF (specify who).
Magnum(someshit) - Are you really that fucking retarded or is it just a show?

3. Jesus Christ.
You're only going to come back to this world after the antichrist rises to power. That's in the Bible. My question is, are you excited to come back after Barack Obama gets his "messiah" status? And if so, are you going to rain fire down on his empire?

4. Optional: Anyone else (specify who).
L. Ron Hubbard: Holy shit, are you as amazed at the amounts of people that follow your science fiction as religion as everyone else is?


No Custom Title Exists
1. Anyone - What do you think of the current world situation?
2. Someone from GF (specify who). - Wylde - WHY THE FUCK AINT YOU ACTIVE ANYMORE?

3. Jesus Christ. - What is your real religion?
4. Optional: Gavrilo Princip - The real reason he killed Franz.


Registered Member
1. Sydd Barret, so you are a crackhaed then?
2. PretzelCorps, why name yourself after a pretzel?
3. So, are you pissed that you never had the chance to claim royalties for the characterization of you in the bible?
4. A Wasp, do you take pleasure in stinging people?


The Instigator
1. Someone you personally know who is dead (specify who).
Step Grandmother- Did you really treat her that way when she was younger?

2. Someone from GF (specify who).
.. I guess I don't know who to ask.

3. Jesus Christ.
I can't ask a fake person a question and get a real answer.

4. Optional: Anyone else (specify who).
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