If you became deaf and blind?

If you became deaf and blind?

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If a frag grenade went off near your head and left you deaf and blind, but you made it and were fine other than losing your sight and hearing, would you try to adapt to your new life or would you just want to die?

I subscribe to the "You only live once" theory. While it would definitely be a major (and unfortunate) change of pace, I'd find ways to make it work. After all, if this happened to somebody nowadays, they'd have some serious advantages over Helen Keller. First off, the fact that you already know how to communicate, and you already know how to talk. You'd have to learn to read braille and your life would be tricky from then on out, but with modern technology you could still write books and get by with a lot of help.


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I'm sure that during the depression state of losing one of your major senses would make anyone think of suicide or ending their life. But since I'm not a firm believer of taking ones own life, I would try to make things work out for the best. But I would prefer to go blind in my opinion, it will be hard to get use to not seeing your favorite color or watching a movie or television, but afterwards I'm sure adapting wouldn't be that bad.

Besides, losing one sense makes the others much stronger.

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I hate to say it, but I think I would want to die. Being blind and deaf would make it impossible to do any of the things I enjoy doing. Communication with others would be next to impossible. Not worth the years of boredom.


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Man, if I were old, then I'd want to die. If I were young, I'd try to tough it out. Of course I'd be totally dependent on others...

Overall I'd want to see what I can do. Super feeling, super taste, and super smell. Hm....


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I would die, there is nothing worser in the world than that, it's like being trapped in a 5 x 5 inch cage and you want to get out!


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I don't want to die, ever... so I would make it work as best as I could. There is no reason to just give up your life when big giant boulders get in your way, right?


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I think I'd be depressed and want to die but I don't think I'd actually kill myself. I have enough loving people in my life that would do everything they could to help me. Saying that, they wouldn't be able to talk me out of it as I wouldn't be able to hear them. :-/

Tough one! I think I'd remember the people I have in my life and try and live through it. You're full of depressing questions, Brix!


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It is something I would not want to experience and to live with it must be tough. Until that moment I really dont know what I would do. I think the initial shock would probably keep me going, I have a lot of faith in science and the modern world so I'd probably dedicate my life to helping that.


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I don't think I'd survive. There are some things that I do that help me push through life's bullshit and without it I'd crash.