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Discussion in 'Anime' started by Malificus, Mar 12, 2008.

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    I don't see a problem with Japan cracking down on child pornography, that's fucking disgusting. However, I see some serious problems with banning cartoon forms of it. I'm pretty sure I had a topic like this going at FC at some point.

    The reason why banning cartoons depicting minors engaged in sexual acts is wrong is because it's just another step towards censoring media on the whole. Look, the children depicted are not realistic, they represent fantasies that some people develop. I mean, it's got to suck if you're someone who has developed a fetish for children or young looking people because you will never be able to indulge your fantasy without going to jail. So why deny these people fictional material? Aren't we actually supporting an increase in sexual assault and rape of children by denying pedophiles an out?

    Now, unlike some fruity lawmakers, I don't judge people based on their sexual preferences. People develop all sorts of likes and dislikes throughout their lives. Not all of them are "kosher" or easily digestible by a country's standards. If someone acts on that fetish and actually decides to go out and rape a child, fuck a corpse, or enact another fetish that is also a criminal act, they're accepting the consequences. But banning fictional material that is far from life-like will only perpetuate the problem. Never fix it.
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    If you didn't, I did.

    As the bill is now, virtual depictions of Child pornography, such as Manga and anime, will still be legal. The problem here is UNICEF is trying to include virtual forms.

    basically, they're making it harsher than the old rule, where making and selling Child porn was illegal, but possessing it wasn't. The problem is, that apparently wasn't enough.
    My guess is the main cause for the bill is reactionary towards this growing trend.
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    Yeah, it seems quite plausible. With massive jumps in child pornography, it only makes sense that they'd crack down on it. I still don't see the issue with animated versions however (unless it's attempting to realistically depict a child).
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    I'm curious if they'd be banning all child nudity or just sex scenes if they do go after anime and manga.
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    I would think they would go after all of it because I dont think they would want to be spreading the message that looking at kids nude is ok
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