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Divisive If we had a 100% gun ban in America


Free Spirit
Staff member
If you take away the suicides because they would find another way, the rest are mostly by gang members that probably can't legally own a gun now. They would still have guns even if they were banned and if guns were they would be more willing to try to kill someone.. Police shoot a few hundred people every year too.

There are about 400 million people in the US.


aka ginger warlock
Guns are not and I don't think ever have been the problem. The problem is the fact that a certain amount of people who have no business carrying a gun (the guy in starbucks a few weeks ago for example) are allowed to because "it is their constitutional right", it may be a right, it may be something you are allowed to do I get that but what angers me the most is if someone dares to mention the idea of less guns and tighter restrictions is that is always seemingly the answer that gets thrown back.

I would never want to see anyone's rights taken away from them, ever and if people are sensible in how they store, maintain and use weapons then fine, I have no problem with that but I do think that people do need to accept that sometimes were guns not allowed in certain places and more checks were done it may help make for less killings - but it seems that some will never accept this and will always assume that you if you are even slightly against gun ownership you are practically stopping them from breathing.


Problematic Shitlord
One could argue we have a gun culture but I disagree.
I think this is a fact, not an opinion, we definitely have a gun culture. It's not a bad thing, but let's not kid ourselves. Our founding document mentions firearms as it's second item only behind free speech. It's not arguable that guns have always been considered important in this country and thus, naturally, a culture has evolved around them.

We have a lot of violence in our culture. We have gang problems and a lot of their fights deal with territory and where they sell drugs.
I've said it for years, but I honestly think curbing the drug problem (starting by ending the wasteful and failed 'War on Drugs') is the key to crippling the black market for firearms.

We have an entitlement culture where people don't work and are supported by the government which leads to a lot of free time, time spent getting high and selling drugs for money, which leads to more violence.
I think this is a big stretch. I don't think 'entitlement' has anything to do with this sort of thing and it certainly does not encourage it. As you talked about in your post, I think this is a case of misplacing the blame. People causing problems with guns are quite motivated, not lazy like you're suggesting here. Gang members, drug dealers, mobsters and just plain crazies, these guys are highly motivated. No one is camping out in their windows eating twinkies with a side of government cheese picking off passing citizens.

Not to mention the massive pile of growing evidence that people on welfare on not on drugs in even remotely high numbers (actually, extremely low, some states as low as 2%) which points to this being pretty far off.

But even if you accept that there is focusing on guns is taking our eyes off the ball and not dealing with the real problems in our society.
Guns are part of the issue, but they're definitely not as big a part as mental health (something that has taken too long for America to realize) and drugs. There are still states with very, very lax gun regulations that are not doing enough. If we had adequate background checks, waiting periods and safety requirements across the board, we'd probably have lower gun crime rates. It certainly wouldn't eliminate anything, but it's silly to think it wouldn't help at least a bit.