if u and ur bf/gf just broke up


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My first girlfriend broke up with me because I was clingy and came on too fast. I learned my lesson though. My current g/f and I broke up for about a week because we were kind of burned out but we realized a few things and now we're together again.

I usually just listen to mellow music, you know, get the sadness out of my system. I try to occupy myself in other ways to get my mind off of it.


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She was scared or something??? i didnt really get it but she kept coming up with some dumbass excuses to be mad? Like me not getting jealous, or me not responding to texts fast enough...and then she got some story twitsed and thought i was cheating on her, but then came to her senses

We both knew it had to end and we met at a mall both knowing that it was going to end right then....we were walking to a table and we were both kinda angry but once we got talking we both settled down and it did get pretty sad

I didn't think i would have a hard time getting over it but for some reason i did and it still is kinda sad...i seem to watch and listen to a lot of stuff that i can relate to know (stuff about breaking up)


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Basically the way Cons second one happened. Burned out by seeing each other all the time and spending too much time together. She wanted a break and then all this crazy shit started happened to her (family deaths, one of her horses getting sold without her knowing).

Just listened to music and played PS2 with my best friend. Best way to get it out.

We were really close so I did cry when it 1st happened as she did, but it happens.


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I broke up with someone because they were moving halfway across the country, and I wanted to be with Kons. I had to deal with him whining and crying, which made me cry, but it's all okay now.

Kons and I have had one break, but.. it didn't last long. Haha.


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She lost interest in me, basically. I was going through a lot of stress and I'm sorry to say that I let it show. She became interested in some other guy, and forgot about her feelings for me.

I don't really blame her. I was an asshole because I was going through the worst time I've ever had in my life. I only wished she'd been able to hold onto her feelings when I needed her most. Instead I just pushed her away.

Sometimes I'm bitter about it, but like I said. I don't really blame her. I don't really blame her at all.


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My last boyfriend seemed to think it was ok to see other people on the side? Hence the break-up.
Mind you, I suppose I could have been around more often. I was sort of going through a...transition period, I guess and realized he wasn't what I wanted. I probably should have just told him upfront, but I thought I could make it work. Seems he made that decision for me.


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The last time my current boyfriend and I broke up was about 2 weeks ago and he was being a complete jerk. It turned out that he had a melt down because he thinks that I'm going to leave him for someone else since he's older. BUT we worked everything out.


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The "clinging type" are the ones that usually get dumped no matter what gender you are. LOL

As for me, I never get dumped, I'm just that damn good. LOL j/k!
Hm...my ex broke up with me after five years because she found someone else she wanted to be with.

Kinda sucked at the time, but I'm pretty glad I have the opportunity at a new life so to speak. I think we're both happier now because of it.