If there was an award for using the word behoove...


not a plastic bag
CaptainObvious would win by a mile. :lol:

CO's behoovimeter has been running strong lately.

It would behoove you to actually show proof of God if you're going to make a thread with the time Proof of God.
It would behoove the SCOTUS members to be more consistent. That said, I agree with the holding and striking down the ban.
this notion that "we're more educated on these subjects than you stupid Americans" lacks merit obviously so it would behoove you to drop them.
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Son of Liberty

When I saw this thread I had a funny feeling it was something along these lines but it was the words "to be fair":lol:

I didn't realize I used beehoove so much, but obviously I like that word:nod:


not a plastic bag
Its just funny that out of 800,000 post, the word has apparently been used one time not by you. Twice if you count this thread.