If the wrestling title wasn't a belt...

What would YOU want it to be? (And) What WOULD it be (if WWE decided)?

For the first question, I would like either a ring or necklace. Something that isn't TOO huge or TOO gaudy. A championship title that didn't outshine the wrestler, yet at the same time wasn't hard to see.

Second. Probably a huge Flavor Flav necklace ala John Cena's spinning belt. :eek:


Lion Rampant
Duuude, a cape. That's my answer to both questions. Nobody wears one nowadays, so it wouldn't interfere with anything. Plus, it's classy.

And hey, if they made the tie strings long enough, it would even fit Mark Henry. Has he ever actually worn a title belt anywhere besides over his shoulder?
lol - I was thinking along the same lines of that bizarre cape idea, too. Instead of a cape, it would be a cane. Waking down to the ring doing different things with it, beating your opponent with it and even drinking out of the cup that is mounted on the top from it. Gold, of course.

I can see the cape idea working. Making a unique cape for each title holder and selling replicas of it to earn profit. You must contact WWE immediately.


Lion Rampant
Cane is good! The ECW title marker could be a bloody kendo shinai with bits of Sabu's back flesh stuck to it and the Divas' could be ribbed and full of vibrating beads.


Certified Shitlord
I've thought about it before and I've come up with either a cane of sorts or a gold plated/lined jacket.