If the second you read this post...


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Ok, so this is pretty simple. If gravity was reversed this very second, how much trouble would you be in? Let's not make this too scientific with the pull of planets and all...

i.e. Are you outside? (bye lol)

I'd hit the ceiling pretty hard but that's it. Of course my PC and desk might not be working anymore once they "fell".

Yes, it's about 2:30 am and this is what I think up this late at night.


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Well, all the walls and ceilings are made of concrete here, so I'd probably be knocked out. This laptop might shatter as well.


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I'd go through the ceiling tiles along with the desk and everything since I'm at work and end up getting tangled in wires and pipes and whatever the housekeeping staff has decided to up in the ceiling to steal at a later date again.


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Well I guess i'm floating away right now..I was having coffee and a cig on the deck while I started my day..Oh well I always wanted to fly and see space..

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