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If the NHL had a clue and used IIHF format...


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WO = Wins in Overtime. (Includes Shootout)
LO = Losses in Overtime.

Don't you watch the World Juniors?

With the inclusion of the shootout and now the soon to be inclusion of 3-on-3 hockey, the NHL are fooling themselves, and treating their fanbase like morons, if they keep refusing to award 3 points for a regulation win.

One of their reasons from years ago was because they didn't want to flood fans with a messy format and more numbers. If they can add advanced stats to their website - then I think their fanbase has reached a level of intelligence to handle regulation wins, overtime wins, overtime losses and regulation losses. Then another reason was because it would inflate the points total. Not like playing 3-on-3 hockey isn't going to help guys like Ovechkin to inflate their goal total ;)
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