If the entire earth had to be evacuated...


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what 3 things (excluding people) would you take?

I know, sounds like the typical "if you were on a desert island" question, but think about it...if you were to never see earth and its many cultures ever again, what 3 things would you bring to keep that memory of your former planet, lifestyle, home town etc?


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I'd bring a globe to remind me of Earth, my laptop with my writings on it, and as many photo albums as I could carry.


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Hi ya..

I would bring my Laptop, My MP3 player and all the memory cards, and My Big Book of everything you need to know when nobody is around to ask. (Science, Math, arts , Mechanics etc mis knowledge).


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I would bring my laptop with all of the things that it needs, some clothes, and things to sleep in.

Or if you couldn't also bring food with you, that'd be important.


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Would electricity still be useful?

If so then I would bring my laptop, my DVD collection and a basketball.
Nothing. I'll be going down with the ship, baby. Earth for lyfe, homeboy. *flashes gang sign*

*cough* But, yeah... I'll be staying on Earth if it were doomed.

Not to over analyze, but if you want me to give a complete answer, I need to know where we'll be evacuated to. A planet, space command center, ect...


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Can't bring people eh? What am I meant to do alone up there?

Anyways, I'll bring my footy ball, my laptop and my MP3 player. (thousands of batteries too)


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What about pets?

If they're coming too, than I'll have to say... My bassoon. (of course. :p), my laptop (despite it not working most of the time.) and I guess my iPod.


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Hmm... assuming my family was all ok, I'd bring my one cat, Glock 36 and my laptop. I'd be good to go on all 3 items for a long time.