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If terrorists were about to attack?


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Let suppose that Homeland security found out a secret terrorist group has threatened the US . . the note found was written in cryptic codes. No fingerprints were found. No identity to its source.

The note says in translation. America we have had enough with you. You're an interference all over this world. . It's time to teach you a lesson. This year something big is going to happen in your country. You will not know the day, time, hour or place. You will not be able to stop us. Cover any base you want. We can target any other non protected target. This will teach you to keep out of our way. You will wake up one day and you will see the disaster . Everyone will know. For plenty are killed. Die America die we've had enough . It's time to pay you back. Get ready.

Now after hearing about this cryptic note should they take it seriously? Should they investigate first that this is no prank? Is this real or not real?. . .

How do you think homeland security should respond to this? . Should they give a high alert? Should they air this on the nightly news national TV station? What then should America do? Should they start protecting the Golden Gate Bridge?. But how can they do that? . Will they go to protect the Statue of Liberty? But how?. Will they go to protect the Dallas Cowboys Stadium? They believe the terrorist are after a high number. Should they go to protect Chicago, LA, and New York all over the city? How can they protect all these large cities not even knowing if these terrorists will end up maybe in Boston or Atlanta?

How could America stop such a threat?. . These guys said anywhere, any place, or anytime. So how does America protect the entire country from this? . . How do we know this is not a prank from some college student pretending to be a terrorist.?

What are the answers to this? . I mean this is total chaos. And yet think also this is frightening. Bombs are the scariest weapons in the entire world. . Nothing can destroy people and things like a bomb can. Maybe you think you can get killed, your family, your friends.,your state and all its residents around a certain area. What are you to think?. .

What should the US really do in such a case?. . How can they really protect the whole entire nation from east to west, north to south, Canada to Mexico and the pacific to the Atlantic. How is that possible?. . How could the terrorist be stopped? Or is it not real after all. . What is this? What do you think about this? . This isn't something you can google. For there are no sure answers. I actually don't have any solution. Maybe one of you have some good ideas. Let's brainstorm and see what we can come up with. Let's work as an investigation team. Let's try to solve this one.

This whole post is just all hypothetical. Just a what if situation.


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I don't find bombs terrifying. Bio-weapons, chemical weapons - these horrify me.

There is no way to stop a person willing to give their life in order to kill a lot of people. As we see, all it takes is a nut in a car and BLAM! 20 people dead.

The only safety lies in the grave. Life is risk. There is no solution to terrorism. You can't win a war on an idea.



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Your answer is well, only that it doesn't completely answer the post. The first thing I like to address is that America was not always a safe place to live. We had the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War. That including settlers fighting against native Indians. . There was also something French Indian war. In early America we had tons of wars. Only from after the Civil war things kind of quieted down. But now world war one causes America to always be fighting now all over the world. . The wars are not taking place here. . But Americans are all over the map fighting for other countries which are our allies. Good that North America is all allied countries. Not so true with some European countries which neighbors went against one another . Or think of even worse Ireland who can't get along with Catholics and Protestants. .

Now about this post is part one is this or is this not a prank? Maybe this genius college student made this note to scare everyone. . Do you remember the unibomber? He was putting explosives in mail packages. . He was called the unibomber because they knew it was one person doing this . . they finally caught him . They found him in some forest area or something.

So in saying that how serious should the homeland security react to this note? . Should they wait and investigate more?. . . or should they announce this on TV to be on the safe side? What should they do? The note said this year they will attack.

Secondly this note indicates it's going to be a big surprise. They are not after ten or thirty people. They want a large number more than a one hundred plus people . . .they would hope they could wipe out thousands. Who says they couldn't use chemical? Though it hasn't happened yet and I agree those chemical are really scary because you can die from miles away. None of us in general has a protection suit.

So now what does America do? Will these terrorists go to an amusement park? a ball park? even the Boston marathon? Will they go to a famous bridge? Or a tall building in Chicago like Sears. What would these terrorists do if this is real after all? How could we protect the most populated areas in America? Bridges and ball parks where you will find the most people at once .

Lastly consider they can also do a multi attack. Instead of attacking just one city. They could simultaneously have a bomb or something in at least three different major cities. The bombs all

go off at once. Now three major cities are looking for help. All this must be considered because this note indicates this is going to be a big surprise this year. . America has a time line if it's real. . Unless they can prove it's just a prank.

Who can comment on what I just posted?