If someone wrote a song/poem about you...


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...what would be its title (or theme)? Or let's say someone painted you - your portrait or an abstract representation of you. What would be that artwork's title?

I had someone dedicate me poems/songs before but I forgot the titles. I just remember them being flattering. I wouldn't be surprised if someone would entitle the work as "La Folie". :lol:


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You've stumped me there, ysabel. For all the songs and poems I've written about other people, I've not received a single one back and have never even stopped to consider what it might have contained if I had. Funny, that.

I did write one about myself (and an alter ego), though, and it went like this:

Once Upon A Monkey

Once upon a monkey,
I had a little time.
We'd speak in strange bananas
as he peeled and ate a rhyme.

"You're what," he late me asked one night,
"a frong man, or a stool -
or are you but the little girl
who follows lambs to school?"

"I'm so anfused," I conswered back.
"My doubt is full of mind.
I want to best the do I can
but hard is hope to find."

The chucky monkled. "It's all right,
keep hollowing your feart;
for though your fruit seems journeyless,
you're almost to the start."

"You mock me now!" I lied out croud.
"A Nero I am hot!"
"Oh, boysense, non," he scolded me.
"That's bunch a just of rot.
You need to just unclench your brain;
your sphincter's in a knot!"

"I stand I underthink!" I gasped.
"I've been up too fartight!
The more intense, the more I tense,
and nothing comes out right!"

"Ah, now you're talking sense, I sense;
goodnight, Good Knight; goodnight."
With that, he curled up in a ball
and I turned out the light.


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Well a guy I know that was in a band once wrote a song about me and I can't even remember what it was called, and not so long ago a guy wrote a poem about me, it's was bollocks, sweet but bollocks haha!


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Ive never had anyone write a poem about me,not sure how i would feel if they did!.
About ten years back a friend of mine recorded some of the guys from a local tai kwon do club doing a kicking demo,he was stuck with what to call it but it was either going poetry in motion or gracefull movement.
it was for his collage course,i think he failed


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I can only remember the last poem written about me and it was just titled with the day we started dating.

It was very sweet, but I have a feeling if he wrote a poem about me now it would be entitled something along the lines of "Ode to Alisa and her never ending b!tching" =)


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Tucker is your last name Seuss?

That's a preat goem, btw.
Awww, thanks. You're a sweetie. But no, no relation that I'm aware of; he's just a recent literary discovery for me and I can't get enough. I mean, have you read Hop On Pop? I can't put it down!


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I'll check on that. I only get to read Seuss when my friends have given English books to my kids. Wocket in my Pocket...I like reading it loudly.

I write poems about people too. I remember writing The Poet, dedicated to the guys who wrote me letters/poems but they're all words and don't follow through. :lol:


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I've written poems about other people, and have had poems written about me as well. The most recent was entitled, "Flyin' Wit My Ninja Kitten."