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Movies If someone else had made it...


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Discuss generally --


If someone else had made or been involved with a certain film, how do you think it would have turned out?
You can decide on the film and the who for yourself. It can be a director, or just a single actor in the lead role, instead of someone else. Anyone really --

Consider what you know of the film in question already to assess what your response would be if the film was redone with that person in it/behind it.
Do you think the film would be improved, ruined or remain the same?

Ian McKellen had played Jules (Samuel L Jackson's character) in Pulp Fiction.
It would have been piss-out-my-kidneys-funny. To have the old guy clearing out bits of skull from the backseat of that Cadillac or whatever, or to have him discussing the tricky topic of foot massages, bristling conversation with the word motherfucker every two minutes would be priceless.
I think the film wouldn't be ruined, but it would certainly be a lot worse than it is now. i.e. A classic.

Your idea?