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If Pearl Harbor Was Not Attacked in 1941


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If Pearl Harbor was not attacked by the Japanese in 1941, do you think America would have entered the war? If not what do you think Europe would look like right now?

Would America have been justified in entering WWII if Pearl Harbor was not attacked?

My theory is that Germany would have continued their quest for world domination and we would have waited too long.

Then if Germany was able to get control of all of Europe, Russia, eventually China and Japan, etc, the US would have been attacked on it's home turf and who knows how that would have gone. It would have probably resulted in America being taken over and Germany controlling most of the modern world as we know it.

Sure there are variables and other things to factor in but I think the US wouldn't have entered the war unless attacked (or they'd wait too long) and the fact that Japan attacked in 1941 just might have been key to the Axis loss.


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If Pearl Harbor was not attacked by the Japanese in 1941, do you think America would have entered the war?
Yes, they would of almost certainly entered the war in Europe. The U-boats in the North Atlantic were pushing a thin line between what was acceptable. Roosevelt hated Nazis and was a fond friend of Churchill. The US had plenty of interest in France and the UK both through trade and also repayments of war bonds. If they had completely fallen into Hitlers hands then no one would be left to pay back the loans.

If not what do you think Europe would look like right now?
Difficult question, although the US made an impact on the war by opening a 2nd front. Hitler was already struggling to cross the channel to the UK. Norway was also proving troublesome.

The UK and France had their oversees allies, Canada, India and the ANZACS plus the North African French nations. The US provided the most in financial aid and military equipment so it is not a question of not being done without them, but credit where credit is due they helped speed things up a great deal. And this leads me to the second part.

Nazi Germany had an eastern front with a much bigger menace!
The fall of Stallingrad turned the tables of war. Stalin pushed the nazi army back to Berlin and beyond.

Where would of they had stopped had the US not been involved? I would hope they would get to the Low countries and the Ardenne before handing the west to the western powers. I really dont know!

Had the US not joined in the war?
I do not think we would see a Nazi Europe but instead a Soviet Europe(maybe just including West Germany maybe all Europe), this of course would probably influence the cold war and beyond and is a whole new can of worms.

Would of the US got involved in the Pacific war if it were not for Pearl Harbour? Yes they would of again, only a matter of time before they did, thus why Japan attacked the fleet to stop them entering in the first place:-/
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I do know for a fact that if Hitler kept doing what he was and invading, France and the UK would've been completely slaughtered altogether, there'd still be swastika flags all over Europe and the Holocaust might even still be occuring.

Japan would've continued to do the same and possibly conquer all of Asia, minus Russia.


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micfranklin: said:
I do know for a fact that if Hitler kept doing what he was and invading, France and the UK would've been completely slaughtered altogether
Facts and hypothetical historical questions do not mix well.:rolleyes:

France had already been invaded. they subsequently were not slaughtered!
German occupation of France during World War II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The UK could not be invaded and if they were would not of been slaughtered either.
Operation Sealion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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I think Banana's scenario is most likely: Without the USA's involvement in the war, Britain and its allies alone could probably not have opened a new front on D-Day. That would have left Germany alone with the USSR. Since Stalingrad already, Germany was losing, and that was more than a year before D-Day.

So I think the USSR would have conquered Germany eventually, even if it might haven taken them a little longer. Hard to tell if they would have stopped there, and made peace treaties with Mussolini's Italy and Pétain's France, or if they would have advanced as far as Gibraltar (as Stalin once outlined his goals). But even in the former case, I assume once Germany's power would have been under Soviet control, it would have been only a matter of time until the rest of continental Europe would have fallen to the Soviets.


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The US wouldn't have accepted a Sovjet Europe, so they would have entered the war eventually (probably when the Sovjets were about to strike Eastern Europe). The Brits and Yanks would take control of France and most of Western Europe. So the final balance would be pretty equal to the actual outcome.
I think that in the east too war was inevitable, Japan needed its 'colonies' to keep its war machine going, this would have ended in a war with the US (and its allies) sooner or later. The outcome would be similar to that of WW2.


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If Pearl Harbor had not been attacked in 1941, would not have entered the war as soon as we did. We still would have eventually entered the war, and we still would have won, but I am not sure we would have won as fast as we did, because we would not have been so determined to win.

The attack on Pearl Harbor energized the nation into the war. If the attack had not had happened, that would not have happened, and who know how it could have gone.