If only Russia was still communist

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by padd, Sep 12, 2008.

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    We'd have some great hockey, except now we have a bunch of poor economies in the former states of the USSR who canot afford to play hockey and a bunch of Russian douches who care only about the money and only play when they want to, despite having all the talent in the world.

    YouTube - CCCP Hockey - The Big Red Machine Montage -DayWalk3r

    Look at that, now I know most of the time they didn't have much competition in the olympics as most of the olympians were amateurs, as well as not having much competition during the World Championships as most Pros were playing in the NHL Playoffs. But the Soviet team was really almost perfect, trained by the army, they were not paid therefore were never considered professionals. Instead they were given grants by the Soviet Army. Never the less they have beaten NHL teams, as well as loosing hehe.
    isn't that beautiful hockey.. despite not having any grit.
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  2. Babe_Ruth

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    We still have great russian hockey players my friend, Oveckin, Malkin, Kovalev and so many more russians are very talented hockey players. Some of the best in the league.

    I agree with you that the USSR team back in the day were almost un-beatable. They had one of the great goalies in the world in Vladislav Tretiak, there forward were just as skilled as the North American forward in the NHL during the 70's. Heres just a few of them Valery Kharlamov, Viacheslav Fetisov, Anatoly Firsov. That's only three, but there's so many more.

    I agree that some of the European players today don't play at 100% everytime, but to say that hockey would be better, is kind of stupid in my opinion. Who says we would have any russians playing in the NHL today if it was still USSR. I personally believe that russians and other European players bring a lot to the NHL, and I enjoy watching them play the game.
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    Ah, you see, that's where you're wrong... and right.. haha. I know we have great Russian players but they don't play good all the time, I don't even think they care.. to me that equals in consitency. Kovalev, he did nothing in 2007. He has all the talent in the world but he only plays when he chooses to play. Which to me is sad, well I am being bias because he plays for my team and when he plays shit, my team loses.

    Yeah, some people go as far as saying Tretiak and Kharlamov were better than Gretzky and Roy, but I disagree.

    I don't really like the European style of play in the NHL. It is taking grit and fights out of our game. Then when a European player gets hurt he cries and dives, and Europeans can't fight so they play dirty. Ruutu, Tikanen, Samuelson, Kasperitus.. just a couple of European pests past/present.

    Oh and have you seen the Russian National team play, sure they have won the latest IIHF WC.. but they suck compared to the Soviets, they're not great. In 2006 Olympics they didn't get a medal, Where as in the Soviet days they would always get a medal (most likley gold) Now I know you're gonna say as I said; Canada and the USA didn't put their best players in the Olympics, but most powerhouse Hockey countries did; Such as Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Finland.. then again, they should in the 1972 summit series (a series which meant nothing.. no medals, no trophies, no points, just pride) that they can take the Canadians to the limit. And last year the Russians had a Jr. Summit Series with Canada's best Jr players.. and lost the series 8-0-0. come on!

    But I agree we have some good Russians in the league with talent but not many.. I mean people are still waiting for Zherdev to shine! and Russias goaltending has sucked in the past few years. don't say Nabokov because he is not Russian born.
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  4. Babe_Ruth

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    Ovechkin never takes a play off, he plays a 100% everytime he hits the ice.

    There's a reason why the National team of the Russians isn't even close to the Soviet one, the Soviet team play all year around together, they got to know each other, they could make a pass with there eyes close because they knew where to go. But in today's game the Russians barely play eachother, they also don't have an amazing goalie in the net like they did in the 70's with Tretiak.
  5. padd

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    That doesn't seem to be a problem for other national teams. Anyways, I'd rather have hockey like that. And back then when there was the USSR, their teams would come to North America every so often and play NHL clubs, and it would be competitive hockey. Now-a-days when a Euro team plays an NHL team it's not competitive at all. That's just me though, I'd rather have Russians playing against us rather than with us. But if Kovalev can lead the team I'll take it anyways.
  6. icegoat63

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    Ovechkin > Crosby Any Day!

    I was listening to XM one time and they brought up a very interesting topic. I in fact posted it on my old forum just because it was so long ago. But this was the basic concept of it.

    A Trade of Roles. Back in the USSR Days the Russian players were flawless, completely Robotic. They didnt show any emotion and they just played without mistake. They'd score a goal "and act like they've been there before". No emotion on their faces what so ever after a game winning goal. On the other side of the Ice we had Canada and USA... Emotional teams that put their hearts out on the ice. We'd score a goal and it would be known! I mean come on, the Mike Eruzione floating on ice celebration after the game winning 1980 game! We'd score and celebrate it. Thats what hockey's all about! Emotion!

    Well now the roles have switched. I look at Crosby and he's robotic. He's Bettmans little puppet and supposed "face of the new NHL". Yeah the kids got talent thats obvious. But I just dont see the emotion I want to see in him. Then I look at todays russian born players like Ovechkin and they score and celebrate it like crazy! They are full of emotion, most are damn excited to be in the NHL and they really show it in their strides.

    Check this out...

    YouTube - Ovechkin Celebrates

    and then compare it to Crosby here. He's got a few celebrations but the majority are just score and head to the bench with a slight glove bump from his team mates.

    YouTube - Sidney Crosby Goals

    So have the Nations switched rolls in this sense? I found it to be a very interesting point.

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