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If Noah's Ark were to be discovered...


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Then how would animals be living today? They can't swim for that long.
Do you watch the Discovery Channel? There's plenty of proof of a global flood at some point in history. Just like we've had ice ages and several mass extinctions. As Ian Malcom said in Jurassic Park, "Life will find a way."

Also, are you telling me that a "ship" the size of what is on top of Mt. Arafat had two of every animal on it? You DO realize that there are/have been/an extremely large amount of animals on the planet. We're still discovering them. And you DO realize that doesn't explain where every ecosystem in the biosphere came from or why all animals aren't mentally retarded or riddled with birth defects from constant inbreeding -- something the bible can't even explain when it comes to Adam and Eve and the existence of the human race.

You fail. Hard.
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well you forget that the ark only had to hold 2 of each type of land animal all of the sea creatures were on their own. Nearly 100% of all the animals that they are discovering nowadays are mixes between different types of animals.

and the ark was huge i don't know exactly how large it was right off the top of my heac but it had several layers and was the length of some number of football fields.


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well you forget that the ark only had to hold 2 of each type of land animal all of the sea creatures were on their own.
If that were the case then all of the sea creatures would have been dead.

In order for a flood to cover the Earth the ammount of freash water that would have to be added to the sea would throw off saltwater chemistry so baddly that nothing in the sea could have survived.

How would you explain that?

Maybe God also had Noah's cousin Phil build a gopher wood submarine to save the fishes?

Seriously, a global flood never happened, at least not after life evolved on Earth to the point that it could live on land. The story of Noah's Ark is a myth, a fairy tale. There's no more truth to it than there is to the idea of unicorns, elves, or dragons.


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The universal flood wasn't as big as the Bible tells it. There's a lack of geological evidence that supports such flood. There's also a lack of fossil evidence of every other animal that wasn't on Noah's Ark. There is also a theory that the flood was caused by melting glaciers, not rain.

I'm sure this has been touched before, but the task of building such a monstrous boat is simply ridiculous. Here's a link to a site about construction. The Construction
(1.5 football fields and 3 stories high, for the lazy readers)

The amount of material and man power required to build the ark would be huge.
Skeptic's Dictionary said:
First, how big was this boat? The answer: really, really big! Would it float? Noah might have been given divine guidance here, so maybe this boat could float. Remember that this is all done before the discovery of metallurgy, so the boat is made of wood and other natural materials. How many forests would it take to provide the lumber for such a boat? How many people working how many years would be required? Building a pyramid would be peanuts compared to building the ark. But remember, people lived a lot longer in those days. Noah was 600 years old when he built his giant boat in the desert.
Obviously the tone of the quote is biased and frankly, pretty sarcastic, but it gets the point across. Then it's impossible to gather every single species in one place and have them living harmonically together. That has to be an exaggeration. Noah probably just gathered the farm animals.