If life had a rewind button...

I pretty much live in the past, which is a bad thing, and there is a few things I can think of right off the bat that I would love to change. Overall though I'm happy where I am right now and even though it would take some weight off the old shoulders to change the outcome of a few situations, I wouldn't want to risk it. Butterfly effect n' all that.


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I have regrets, but I don't really dwell on them, so I would just like to keep moving forward and not rewind.

Unless of course it's for that winning lottery ticket, of course!


Sultan of Swat
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I've done a few stupid things in my life that I would like to to take back. Also there's some things that I wish I would of done differently in some of my relationships. So yes if I had a rewind button in my life, I would definitely use it.


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I would not use it because our life expierences make us who we are, if you never had to deal with loss or never had a bad bf/gf you would never know how good your life is today.