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Movies If Keanu Reeves Had Played Cobb in Inception


Secret Agent
Staff member
Do you think the movie would have been better or worse?

I say worse. A lot worse. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors out there right now. Sure, you could say the part was right up Keanu's ally, but I think it would have been so cliché to have him play Cobb. He's already played characters that hook their brain up to machines in two different movies, four if you count both Matrix sequels.

Anyway, forget whether the movie would have been better or worse, do you think it would have been as successful? I think perhaps. He would have pulled it off and he wouldn't have ruined the movie with his presence. He just would have been a cardboard cutout as usual.

Now, one person who I think could have played Cobb and been JUST as good is Will Smith. This movie would have been just as good with Will Smith in the main role. Nolan's vision of minimal comedy wouldn't have gelled well with Smith's jokes that he likes to get into all of his movies though.



Son of Liberty
I haven't seen the movie but Keanu Reeves is about as bad an actor as Pauly Shore. I'm really looking forward to seeing Inception, I wouldn't even bother if Keanu was in it.


Sally Twit
Leo was perfect for the role. Will Smith?! That's a pretty insane thought. He would not be suited for Inception at all. I love Will Smith but he's better at comedy. Just as I couldn't see him playing Neo in the Matrix. It would be bizarre.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
The movie would definitely be worse with Keanu Reeves as Cobb. Will Smith could definitely do it though. Or Christian Bale, but then it would feel way too much like Nolan's other movies.


Registered Member
Will Smith, haha. Having watched an episode of Fresh Prince tonight, I'd rather not think about it.

Keanu doesn't have the acting talents I'm impressed by, to be polite. He's basically THE cliche action hero. Constantine included, however my friends think I'm strange for not liking Constantine..

DiCaprio can play the tormented and dark soul very well in my opinion. I love the fact that he's gotten rough around the edges. I wouldn't change the roles.


A Darker Knight
I expected a youtube spoof when I read the thread. :lol:

Why use one of the most hilariously and notoriously bad actors as an example? He could do the action but he couldn't convey the emotion needed, especially with scene involving the wife and kids.


Haters gonna hate.
DiCaprio was the right man for the job as Cobb (haha rhyming). Reeves would have done okay, but not as bad as other actors would have been.

Smith as Cobb? No. This is just one of those roles where he would not be in a good position. Would not have been as believable. If not DiCaprio than a smaller actor in terms of stardom.