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If It's That Easy...Then What Happens Next?


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World Trade Center Security Boss Quits Over Breach - NBC News

If these 2 separate incidences were that easy to do what is security in the US really like against terrorists, major criminals, and other such people?

Why do you think this guy really resigned? Do you think he was aware of something to happen at a later date and could not say anything?

Any theories, ideas or thoughts? What about as far as securing the US?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I think it is a silly notion that he had prior knowledge of some sort of future action at or against the WTC. He would have absolutely no reason to keep that kind of a secret.

He was going to be fired for doing a poor job by letting these people get through his apparently lax security and make it all of the way to the top of the WTC. It's that simple. The gentlemen was obviously given the opportunity to resign to attempt to save face.


Free Spirit
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I doubt he knew anything but like Doc I think he was probably given a choice of being fired or resigning because of lax security so he decided to resign.

I don't blame them for wanting him out if he can't do any better than that.
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