If introductions were cucumbers...


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... a whole lot of us would be in a pickle!

Howdy folks, got a personal invitation from Babe_Ruth to the forums. Looks like a fun place.

I'm a Renaissance Geek - more on that below. In short, I'm a programmer, podcaster, lay preacher, amateur musician (play tuba, sing baritone), amateur radio operator, and proud pappa.

Links and more info for anything stated here can be provided upon request. I'm leaving them out based on the apparent restrictions on advertising and general linking.

Here's a more detailed explanation...
What's a Renaissance Geek? Well if Merriam-Webster defines a Renaissance Man as "a person who has wide interests and is expert in several areas" and most of the areas that I'm good at are geek-related, that'd be a Renaissance Geek! When I say a lot of different areas, here's an idea:

* I have been working as a web application developer for a decade with several large scale applications under my belt.
* I used to be an instructor at a technical college in Getzville, Ny. There I taught networking, programming and electronics classes.
* I no longer have to tell my mother how to click on an icon, my 7 year old daughter does that for me
* I'm an Extra Class Ham Radio operator and work to help others earn and upgrade their license by moderating a Yahoo group called the "Ham Radio Help Group".
* I have successfully navigated the maze of corporate account services for phone and cable to get a business wired and wireless, which is much more difficult than the providers wanted to admit.
* I still remember the adlibs and "activities" for a live showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show
* I'm a layspeaker at my church and will deliver sermons (that's another way to say preach) at my church every now and then.
* I sing baritone/bass in my church choir.
* I'm a tuba player in a local volunteer fire company sponsored community band.
* I know that to communicate properly with intelligent individuals you must be able to form coherent, cohesive sentences. This is especially helpful when communicating with people that you want to get money from.
* My home network is more powerful than my office network
* When given the option to pick my own gift I have to decide if it will be computer related, radio related, musically related or something for the family.

Okay, so it's not all geek stuff but it's all true!


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Wow! Now that's introduction.

Welcome to the forums good sir, I'm a sports nut and the local drunk of these forums. Look around and I promise you'll have a blast posting here at General Forum.

See you around often I hope.


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Web developer eh? That's sweet. That's the line of work I'm working on getting into. No money for formal education in that field yet, but I'll hopefully be starting next fall. But I do try to learn stuff on my own.

Good to have another musician on the forums too, I'm sure everyone is growing tired of song after song by just me. You'll have to upload some of your songs for us to hear =P I play guitar myself. Acoustic mainly but I've dabbled in electric guitar and bass. I've also done a lot of midi stuff.

You sound like a very solid person and it should prove to be pretty awesome having your around.


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Thanks for the welcome... I'll remember to unplug before Smel does ;)

As far as posting songs, I generally can't... not because I don't want to but because our group doesn't record things. I play tuba in a senior concert/marching band. As for singing, that's with my church choir. I've been invited to play in a quintet but it's going to be some time before that materializes.

As for education and profession - the web world is fun... but my degree is in electronics engineering technology with a minor in comp. sci.


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Hey, what color was the last shit you took?
(Pictures or it didn't happen)
Welcome to general forum!


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(*laughs*) yeah, I'm asking for a "Tuba Hero" t-shirt for my birthday... I'd post the image but the forums won't let me - google it.