If humans lived 500 years long


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What if humans lived on average to be around 500 years old?

How would this change your decision making? We'd all be SUPER young in such a world. It would be really weird.

So if we all had a good 400-500 years easy on top of our current ages, how weird would that be? What would you look forward to seeing in that many years? Would you even want to be around that long?

Imagine being able to talk to people who were 400+ years old. That would be some serious history to talk about.


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Well it would be somthing xD but would probably get pritty boring to be around, i mean you can see the entire world in perhaps 10-20 ye<res and when there aint anything more to see than what?

It probably sounds pritty strange but i hope you see my point xD


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As long as it didnt take any longer to reach our current mentality and such then i think i would want to live that long. I doubt it would but i wonder where the ageing process would slow.
Can you imagine how hard it would be to change your opinions as the world around you changed though? I mean if you grew up in the victorian age for example and managed to live untill 2008, how would you react to the way people dress now? I wonder if people living that long would drastically change the speed at which society's opinions/taboos and such changed.

I dont know if i'd want to keep working in a specific field either. When i graduate i hope to study chemistry but if i knew i had nearly 500 years to live i think i would want to change and learn a completely different subject somewhere down the line, although i'm not entirely sure.


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The world will be more crowded for sure. I also wonder how that changes our fertility (and if women will have menopause only by age 300). Three hundred years of pms suffering, lol. I'd want to see couples who would celebrate 200 years of marriage. I guess no one will be telling me now that "life begins at 40".

With the ability of man to self destruct even before the usual 70-80ish current average life expectancy, I'm thinking it will be rare for humans to survive as many years even if we all suddenly have the biological capacity to do so. People will also be more careless about living thinking he has all those hundred years to make up for their mistakes. :lol:


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Would that mean that we would technically still be children...so perhaps none of us would even have went through puberty yet! The age of consent wight be set at 150! The booze limit at 200!


I'm happy with the current set up. Live life hard and furiously.


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The global population would be huge, all those old people ~imagine the smell:lol:

I dont think the human mind could cope with such a long time period, it would send you crazy(if you have not already got dementia). How would employment and retirement function, the same job day-in day-out for 300 years *no thanks*, retirement for 100 years would get boring, especially if all you can do is dribble and wet the bed whilst reminising three centuries back. Plus whos going to feed all the old people? would we have to work more and harder?


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You'd need to make sure that you made the right choices, I wouldn't want to live with a mistake for more than 400 years it would drive me crazy, also it'd be really important to go to college because I doubt that anybody wants to work at a grocery store or a fast food place for 500 years. (man that'd be boring)


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We would probably have used nearly all our natural resources. Our technology would be more advanced with some of the greatest minds still being alive.

Probably the earth would be over-crowded I imagine we would live in a more communal society.Because looking for short-term riches or instant gratification would not be high on the priority list. I imagine space travel and colonization would be WAY more advanced seeing how we would be looking for other options.

Probably there would be population controls (one child per family). AIDS Cancer and other diseases would be labelled as "baby killers" and I am sure we would have been close to a cure for most diseases.

Anartica would be inhabited (if it is still around).

I mean right now medical doctors and scientists say our life averages will go up. They are saying its foreseeable many people could live past 100 with the medical advances.

It would be a completely different world.